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Samsung Radiant 360 R1

This troubleshooting page will help you identify common technical issues with the Samsung Radiant 360 R1.

The Bluetooth or WiFi is not searchable or does not show any sign of being on.

Ensure the speakers are close together to establish a connection, recommended distance is no more than 6.5 feet. Make sure there are no walls between speakers and other WiFi devices are not being used in close proximity of the speakers. If the Bluetooth is still not discoverable, consider replacing the Bluetooth module. If the WiFi is still not discoverable, consider replacing the WiFi module.

The speaker does not emit any sound when powered on and connected to source.

The paired device should be turned on. The volume should not be at muted or at minimum. Make sure the speaker is compatible with the devices that are to be paired. If the device still fails to produce sound, consider replacing the speaker.

Bass is missing in the audio, giving an effect of high pitch sound.

There could be a huge difference in sound quality with no bass. Try changing the Eq setting of the input audio from the connected source. If there is still no bass, then consider replacing the subwoofer.

The touch panel controls do not change the volume and/or the mode.

There should be no static electricity interfering with the device. Check by touching the device to a grounded piece of metal. Unplug the power cord and plug it back in. If the touch panel does not work, consider replacing the touch panel.

The cable ports do not connect or power the device.

Ensure you have the Micro-USB plug in the Micro-USB port. Check to see if the Micro-USB cable is damaged or broken. Check if the plug in port is properly connected. If it still does not work, consider replacing the Micro-USB/Power Port Panel.

The power plug should be plugged into wall outlet. Check to see if the cable is damaged. Check if the power port is properly connected. If it still does not work, consider replacing the Micro-USB/Power Port Panel.

High frequency sounds are muffled resulting in low quality output.

A damaged speaker grill can cause the sound to be muffled. If the speaker is not damaged, then the cause of the audio being muffled and suppressed is the speaker grill. Consider replacing the speaker grill.

After all repairs, the speaker is still not functioning properly.

Water can cause the motherboard to fail. Try to wipe the motherboard with a dry cloth, and power it on. Some devices shutdown when a short is detected, so after quick dry the device will turn on. If the device still does not turn on, then consider replacing the motherboard.

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Speaker turns on by itself.

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