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Samsung Powerbot R9250 Troubleshooting

User is having trouble locating the bot

Users often have trouble locating the bot due to a lack of tracking system, but this bot offers Wifi Connectivity that can be used to track and control the bot. However, some users' Wifi may not be working properly, so the best solution is to reset your Wifi and modem and then try reconnecting to the bot.

Some users might also struggle with Wifi Connectivity because their phone is not connecting to the bot and its app. One solution could be to updating the app and resetting your phone's network settings to ensure it is properly connected to the Wifi.

Your Samsung Powerbot R2950 has trouble finding the docking station

If your Samsung Powerbot has trouble finding its docking station and properly docking it may be because of the surface on which the docking station is located. It will have trouble docking if the station is located on top of carpet or another soft material , so to avoid this problem place the docking station under a hard surface like wood, cardboard, or other hard surfaces.

If your bot has trouble locating the docking station then there might be an easy fix for you. Turn off the Powerbot using the emergency switch on the bottom and unplug the station. The plug the base back in and restart the Powerbot. This will help the Powerbot readjust its locating system and the problem should be fixed.

The Samsung Powerbot R2950 does not clean black carpets or floors

The Samsung Powerbot R2950 has cliff sensors that are programmed to prevent falling down a cliff such as stairs. Unfortunately, when the Powerbot encounters black floors and black surfaces it recognizes them as cliffs, so it will not clean them. However, a solution to this would be to block the cliff sensors and just block any cliffs in your home by using virtual walls.

The Samsung Powerbot R2950 has trouble finding the charging dock

The Samsung Powerbot R2950 may at times have difficulties locating the charging dock, so its battery will be depleted faster and the area will not be cleaned efficiently. A solution to this would be to place the charging dock against a wall with 1.5 ft of space to the left and right of the dock and it should have 2 ft of space in front of it. This space will give the Powerbot the appropriate amount of room to properly locate the charging dock and it will properly connect itself and charge itself.

There are times where the Powerbot must be manually charged rather than the bot knowing to automatically go to the charging station. Check the settings to make sure the automatic cycle is set and make sure that the setting is not on which would make the bot clean until the bot is fully depleted. If the cycle was interrupted then the Powerbot will need to be manually placed in the charging dock.


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