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Samsung NX500 Troubleshooting

Samsung NX500 4K video camera. Hybrid AF.

Doesn't turn on ¶ 

When you hit the power button, nothing happens.

Battery may not be charged ¶ 

Take the USB cable and plug it into the camera on the left side. Plug the other end into the wall outlet (or other charging source). You should spot a red light indicating charging. If the there is a red blinking light then there is a charging error. Follow this link on taking it out.

Battery may be out of juice ¶ 

By this, it just means the battery is dead and will need full replacement. Follow this guide on replacing the battery. Be sure that after you replace the battery, charge the camera for about an hour first.

Pictures/videos won't save ¶ 

When you take a picture, it won't save.

No SD card ¶ 

The NX500 requires an SD card as storage for picture and videos. Check and see if there is an SD card, follow this guide on locating the SD card and checking if there is one. .

SD card may be full ¶ 

The screen may say storage full, this will require you to delete existing photos/videos on your SD card. A good tip is to delete any repetitive pictures or videos.

SD card may be damaged ¶ 

Putting strenuous use on the camera such as using the camera for long periods of time or leaving the camera in excessive heat can easily cause warping of the SD card, and eventually destroy it. If the SD card seems warped, discard it and purchase a new one follow this guide on replacing the SD card..

Unclear pictures or screen is black ¶ 

When you take a picture, it isn't clear or focused or is completely black

Dirty lens ¶ 

Here you can just simply use a computer screen wipe and wipe the lens attachment as it might be smudgy or may contain dust on it.

Broken screen ¶ 

If you turn on the camera and the screen is black, or even shows a crack, you're going to need to replace the screen. follow the link on replacing the screen.

Bad image sensor ¶ 

If you experience distorted images or lines/dark spots on a picture, this could an indication to a bad image sensor. This is located inside the camera, follow this link to replace the image sensor.

Turns on, but nothing is happening ¶ 

The device may turn on but nothing shows on the screen

Turned off not properly ¶ 

You may have turned off the camera forcefully during a video or during general use. This can can a lag in the camera, simply turn off the camera and turn it back on.

Bad main board ¶ 

A bad main board can cause the camera to go in a frenzy and it just won't operate properly. An example is that is won't record sound or maybe you hear the sound on occasion. Replace the main board using this guide.

Buttons won't work ¶ 

When you press a button on the camera, it won't work.

Buttons may be jammed ¶ 

The main buttons on the camera can sometimes jam and eventually wear down. The encasement can be replaced if you follow the the link provided.


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