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Samsung NP510R5E-A01UB Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help diagnose problems with the Samsung NP510R5E-A01UB.

The device does not show any signs of power.

Make sure power adapter is fully inserted into computer and wait 10 minutes. If the computer still does not power on, consider buying a new power adapter

First make sure the power adapter is fully inserted into the charging port, then check to see if the laptop turns on. If the laptop only powers up when the adapter is plugged in then the battery is failing to hold a charge. A new battery is recommended. To replace the battery, please see the Samsung NP510R5E-A01UB Battery Replacement guide.

The keyboard does not respond or there are broken/missing keys.

Make sure there are no foreign objects under the keys. To do this, remove the key and clean underneath it. Once it is clean, snap the key back into place.

If there are keys missing replace them.

If all the keys are unresponsive, the keyboard may need to be replaced.

There is no audio coming from the device speakers or the audio is distorted.

Make sure volume is turned up as much as needed or press the mute key to unmute audio speaker.

If the audio sound is distorted when listening through the laptop’s speakers, the audio driver may be corrupt. Search for Samsung NP510R5E-A01UB. Click “Samsung NP510R5E-A01UB” then click “Drivers & Software.” Click the “Audio” tab and select and download the appropriate driver. Go to Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Sound Controllers. Click on your sound card and click “Update driver.” Select your updated driver, then restart the computer.

If the speakers need to be replaced, please see the Samsung NP510R5E-A01UB Speaker Replacement guide.

The device will not receive any power.

Make sure power adapter is fully inserted into computer and a functional power outlet. If the computer does not indicate that it is charging, the power adapter may be faulty, and it may be necessary to purchase a new one.

Make sure the charge port is free of debris. If it is dirty or wet, clean with a microfiber cloth and dry immediately.

The touchpad does not respond to any touch actions.

Make sure that the touchpad is clean and clear of all dirt. Use a clean microfiber cloth and a small amount of rubbing alcohol to do this.

First check to see if driver is installed on laptop. To do this Open SW Update by clicking on the app on your Start Screen or the icon on your Desktop. Then Click on All Software from the left side menu in SW Update. Locate the Touchpad Driver. If 'Install' appears, click install. If Install does not appear, your driver has already been installed.


Keyboard is not responsive, shouldn’t restart the computer, then update the driver first?

Watis Ekthuvapranee - Reply

Troubleshooting computer should always start with software first, keyboard, touchpad, screen froze, etc.

Watis Ekthuvapranee - Reply

If water or cleaning solution or compress air is used to clean the computer, it is better to let the equipment sit out to dry in ventilated or open space.

Watis Ekthuvapranee - Reply

Where are the links to replacement guides?

Watis Ekthuvapranee - Reply

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