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Samsung NP305E5A-A03US Troubleshooting

Release date January 2012, identified by model number A03US

You have trouble turning on your laptop.

If your adapter is plugged in to the wall socket and the light on the adapter is on, but the laptop is not charging, then the battery might be faulty. You should replace the battery using this replacement guide.

If your adapter is pugged in to the wall socket but the light on the adapter is not on, the adapter could be faulty. You should consider purchasing a replacement adapter if you would like to charge and turn on your laptop.

Your Samsung NP305E5A-A03US takes longer to respond to commands.

If you have a hard time of letting things go which results in you having multiple windows or programs open at the same time, this could be what is slowing down your system. Shed a quick tear, and say a temporary good-bye to some of those programs by closing them down in Task Manager.

Like a person is slow when they've been overfilled with food, your system will move slower when the hard drive is 90% full. Consider either deleting unwanted files, or upgrade your hard drive size by using replacement guide.

Your RAM, which stands for Random Access Memory, acts similarly to your hard drive when it's been loaded with demanding programs. Consider either closing down programs that are not being currently used, or upgrade your RAM using this replacement guide.

Your laptop has stopped responding to certain keys or the whole keyboard, or keys appear to be broken or missing.

If you've been eating sandwiches or any other type of food over your laptop while binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix and the keys won't budge any more, there may be crumbs lodged underneath the keys of your laptop. To resolve this issue, remove the keyboard cover and clean out the food residue. Once the underneath of the cover looks as if it were brand-spanking-new, simply pop it back in place.

If your whole keyboard is failing to respond, try restarting the laptop.

Your device shows you the blue screen of death, shuts down, or freezes with no warning.

Laptops tend to overheat when there happens to be dust or other materials stuck within the vents or fan. To resolve this issue, use a can of compressed air to clean dust and stuck materials from the vents and fan.

If the noise of your fan is continuously interrupting your Netflix time, your fan may not be the same young peppy fan it once was. Consider replacing your dear old fan with a new one by using this replacement guide.

Your new Taylor Swift CD or Finding Dory DVD is not being recognized by the laptop.

If your Samsung NP305E5A-A03US CD/DVD drive does not open or allow you to use your newly bought CDs, the drive may be broken and will need to be replaced.


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