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Samsung Level Box Mini Troubleshooting

Model Number: EO-SG900DBESTA, released on July 15, 2014

Device will not turn on ¶ 

The power button will not turn green.

Faulty battery ¶ 

The battery in the Level Box Mini can be damaged by activities or the environment. You could either replace the battery or fix it using this guide.

Damaged USB port ¶ 

This input is possible to replace if the proper materials are found using this guide. This is the port used to charge the device, so if the port can not be fixed the device will need to be replaced.

Device having issues with sound ¶ 

Sound is not being emitted from the speaker.

Damaged or Warped Speakers ¶ 

Dirt or sand may have entered the device. The diaphragm of the speaker is likely warped or damaged. It can be replaced if you can find matching parts using this guide.

Broken Speakers ¶ 

The speakers themselves are severely damaged and must be replaced in entirety or else a new device is needed.

Device not connecting to external device. ¶ 

The device will not connect with the user's phone/computer.

Damaged 3.5 mm jack ¶ 

If the input is damaged, it can be replaced if you can find an appropriate replacement using this guide. However, the device is still able to work even if the jack is damaged as long as the wireless capabilities of the device are undamaged.

Damaged Bluetooth / NFC part ¶ 

Replacing the Bluetooth is an option using this guide. However, it is incredibly difficult and should not be done casually. Furthermore, the device can still operate given that the 3.5 mm jack is still functional.

Device buttons are sticky or not responding. ¶ 

The buttons do not respond to touch.

Buttons may have residue in them ¶ 

Most of the time, putting isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab and wiping down the buttons will remove the residue. This can be done without disassembling the device. However, if the buttons should continue to stick, the device must be disassembled using this guide in order to wipe off the residue.

Buttons are not responding to touch ¶ 

The metal contacts under the buttons might be stuck or misaligned. The device must be disassembled using this guide, and the contacts will have to be either replaced or realigned with the corresponding PCB point.


Sir, i have Samsung Level Box Slim, but there is no power and i tried to recharge its recharging as you mentioned above that If its a Faulty Battery or Damaged USB Port It will not work, but everything seems fine to me there is no damaged USB port and there is no faulty battery

Mohammed Zubair - Reply

I am now having the same issue - it shows it is charged. Unit is only 1 week old

ellfin -

I have the same issue & it’s less than a month old.

Kristi Skerrett -

Same issues here. I've only had the speaker for a short while and now it does not power on. It is fully charged.

How can I resolve this?

Marjorie Morgan - Reply

Hey, I've had my Level Box Slim for a little over a week, I have yet to drop it or even get it wet, and the power button isn't working. But my device is still fully charged. I don't get it. Others have this issue as well. What do I do ?

Joseph Kerr - Reply

same here.... its charging but will not turn on

cali_de_empress -

i just got it to turn on.. i just plugged in my charger.. left it for 10 secs.. then held the power button continously longer than unsual until it turned on. then it turned off then i held the power button for the regular length of time and it is back to normal.

hope this helps

cali_de_empress -

@cali_de_empress could you imagine that i just join this website because of you i have same problem here and because of you the speaker has returned to the life.

Really thank you from my deep heart

Tarekemam73 -

thank you so much!

Joseph Kerr -

Thank you so much life saver

Aaron Corray -

@cali_de_empress yasssss! thanks. I did exactly what you said/did and now mine works too! Same issue you guys had: barely used, was just sitting on a table and stopped working. Now it works. WOO HOO!

nelley -

@cali_de_empress thanks so much. I was ready to snap.. lol . That fixed my slim speaker. Only had it a week. I thought it was a pos

Ray pasley - Reply

I have been using it for two years on Mac book pro, but for the past few months it is giving me trouble in the Bluetooth connection. Is the shelf life of this device is just two years? Has anyone faced the same issue?

Mehreen - Reply

Hello, I am hearing some noise in background with Songs in this speaker. Is there any way to fix it?

Sasi Kumar - Reply

Thank you for all of the help.…………it now works!

Held the ON button for a longer period and Hey Presto.….……… must be a reset on the system! lets hope so.

johncaryl - Reply

i did the same on @cali_de_empress and it is back to normal … Thx!

Arturo Camacho de Leija - Reply

hold your finger on the power button for around 15 seconds, wait a few seconds then repeat, this worked for me

noel rush - Reply

Well done

Pennie Walker -

Had the same issue and was also almost at the end of my rope, then I read through everybody else’s comments. Thanks for the help! :)

emjaye manulat - Reply

@cali_de_empress Thank you so much! I should have known that much like their phones, they often expect you to hold the button to reset for a LONG time. You’d think that would be in the User’s Manual!

Byron Felske - Reply

Same issue. My Samsung level will charge but will not turn on. I have never dropped it damaged it or exposed it to moisture in anyway. So what's the problem and what's the fix

JT Reilly - Reply

It is not working the battery is full but the speaker is not on not working

tejesh kumar - Reply

If you hold down the power button and the play button at the same time and wait a few seconds til all the charge lights on ,the side light up again it does a re-set of some sort. Then try powering on again (mine worked). Good luck :-)

Louisa Atkinson - Reply

Hi, tried to do that but still doesn't work. I bought it overseas last Dec 2018 and use it a couple of times. I became busy and 9 months after it's not turning on, I charged it for 6 hours and then press the on button, still mothing happens. I tried advices from this site, still do not work.

MarvinK -

My on and off switch is set to off. But it keeps turning on and off even though the switch is set to off. Its really annoying that it keeps sounding on and off when switch is set to off. What should I do

Tammy Siegert - Reply

it wasn’t turning on and its fully charge, ican use it as a power bank but cant use it as a speaker since its not turning on, its a new unit and im just using it for a month. it didn’t fell or expose to any moisture, it just didnt turn on..

Jaime Regala Jr. - Reply

I got the same problem. Tried to hold the power button for 15 sec and do it again, nothing happens.

MarvinK -

Okay, I'm about to trash this box. Bare 3 days old, already exhibited all the crazy signs. So I held down the power button and function button for 5 secs, all the lights came on and it hasn't gone off for 2days now. Allowing it to discharge, holding the power button down, nothing! Zilch! 2 more days and this irritant goes into the recycle bin.

Lucha Libre - Reply

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