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Samsung HMX-W200 Troubleshooting

Samsung waterproof, pocket camcorder released in 2011.

No matter what you do, you can't get your Camcorder to turn on.

If your Samsung HMX-W200 has not been used in a while and will not turn on, the first thing to check is if the battery is dead. Connect your camcorder to the USB charging cord and connect to a power source. Your camcorder screen should turn on shortly showing it is accepting charge, if not, you may have a faulty battery and will need to replace it. Refer to guide on battery replacement.

If you determine that it is not a faulty battery causing your camcorder to not turn on, you may have a defective USB charging port. To remedy this problem, you will need to simply replace the broken USB charging port.

As a last resort, if the battery and USB charging port are both properly working, the LCD display may be defective. A malfunctioning display will make it seem as if the camcorder is completely defective, when in fact it is just a broken display. And if so, the display will need to be replaced. For instructions on replacing the screen, refer to this guide.

LCD screen is shattered or cracked.

A cracked or broken screen can make it difficult or impossible to use the camera. The only solution would be to replace the LCD screen. For instructions on replacing the screen, refer to this guide.

The quality of the video is not as expected.

Dirty lens can result in low-quality images. Wipe the device to clean any dust that might be on the lens.

If the recording by the camera looks blurry or does not posses the expected quality, the lens could possibly be out of focus. Restart the device. If the problem is not fixed, you would have to go to the camera settings and calibrate the focus manually. As a last resort, change the device settings back to default.

If none of the other methods to improve the video quality worked, you might need to replace the lens. This guide will help you through the process.

Camcorder does not record audio.

Get a toothpick or a q-tip and clean dirt out of microphone hole.

The microphone may need to be replaced.

Pictures or videos are not being found.

Look in SD card slot to make sure that SD card is installed. If not insert SD card into slot.

If there is an SD card in slot, but pictures are still not being found or saved, replace inserted SD card with a different card.

The casing of the camera may be broken or does not seal properly.

If the casing is broken or does not close entirely, the camera will no longer be waterproof or shockproof. To prevent damage to the exposed components, replace the back/front case parts.

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I have small issue…

water got into the memory’s inlet,so every time I put the memory it says (memory error!)

what should I do? please help

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