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Samsung HMX-F90 Troubleshooting

This page will help you diagnose problems with the HMX-F90 through troubleshooting.

Wrong Language on Device ¶ 

Text in the menu is displayed in a foreign language.

Incorrect Language Settings ¶ 

  1. Press the [menu] button to access the menu options.
  2. Use the [left/right] buttons to select the gear icon to access settings.
  3. Use the [up/down] buttons to navigate to the language setting.
  4. Pressing the [OK] button while the language option is selected will open a new window with options for each language.
  5. Use [up/down] buttons to navigate to the desired language and press the [OK] button to select it.
  6. Press the [menu] button to exit the menu.

Video Camera Is Not Turning On ¶ 

The device will not respond or power up.

Faulty Power Adapter ¶ 

Make sure to connect the USB cord to the supplied power adapter and plug into the wall to charge the battery. If you use any other power adapter for the camcorder, it will not work properly and the battery will not charge. If the charge indicator light does not appear, then you need to replace the power adapter or try plugging into the computer.

Battery Not Fully Charged ¶ 

The charge indicator light will be orange when charging. When the charging is complete, the charge indicator light turns green. It takes approximately 160 minutes to fully charge. If the video camera works only plugged into the power adapter, then the battery is exhausted and it will need to be replaced as seen in this guide.

Unable To Save Pictures Or Recordings ¶ 

My camera no longer saves new recordings.

Card Error ¶ 

If the card is full you will need to replace it with another SD, SDHC, and SDXC card. These cards are the only usable memory cards for this device.

Memory Card Full ¶ 

The video camera will remain full of media, so transferring memory card data to the computer will allow more storage. The data file name may be corrupted or not supported by the video camera.

Card Error Message ¶ 

My camera shows a card image with a caution sign on the display screen.

Wrong Type Of Memory Cards ¶ 

Ensure that the memory card type is supported by the device. The accepted types and sizes are SD between 1 and 2 GB, SDHC between 4 and 32 GB, and SDXC up to 64 GB.

Memory Card Needs Formatting ¶ 

If the memory card is the correct type described above and the error still displays, ensure any data on the card is backed up if needed, and format the card using the menu.

Camcorder is Not Recording ¶ 

When I press the record button my camera doesn’t start recording.

Record Button Not Working ¶ 

Ensure that the button pressed to start recording is one of the two recording buttons, which is denoted with a small red circular shape in its center. If necessary the record button can be replaced as seen in this guide.

No Memory Card ¶ 

Make sure that there is a memory card inserted, that the write protection tab is set to unlocked.

Not Enough Memory ¶ 

Check that there is enough free space on the memory card to record new video.

Over Heated ¶ 

To ensure that your camera is not overheated, set the camcorder in a cool place before trying to record again.


My Samsung video camera it's like it's froze up it turned on but now after 5 Seconds it will do nothing it's just like it's froze

Larry Counterman - Reply

My Samsung video camera turned on this morning at 5 Seconds it froze will not do anything will not turn off it's just like it's froze up

Larry Counterman - Reply

The camera does not work

Samsung mark it only and do not work anymore when running

mohamed moniem - Reply

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