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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Device Will Not Power On ¶ 

The device is unable to charge or power on.

Faulty Charging Cable ¶ 

Ensure that the cable connections are tight at the device and at the wall. If the charging light does not come on, the charger is faulty. Consider replacing the charger.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If the device charging light is on but the device does not charge or stay on while unplugged, then the battery is faulty. Replace the battery using this guide

Distorted photo and video quality ¶ 

Video or image is distorted, blurry, or discolored.

Camera Lens is Dirty ¶ 

Inspect the camera lens for any debris or blemishes. If any blemishes are found, wipe down the camera lens with glass cleaner. If debris is found underneath the lens, follow this guide to remove the lens and clean the interior of the lens.

Camera Lens is Damaged ¶ 

Inspect the camera lens for any chips, cracks, or scratches. If any of these are found, use this guide to replace the lens.

Low Audio Quality ¶ 

You have trouble hearing audio during video playback.

Microphone is Dirty ¶ 

If a recording replays distorted audio quality, clean the microphone on the device with a can of compressed air.

Faulty Speaker/Microphone ¶ 

If cleaning the microphone with compressed air fails to work, consider replacing the device speaker using this guide.

Device is Overheating ¶ 

The device randomly powers off or displays an overheating message on the device screen.

Battery Overheats ¶ 

If you feel your battery becoming very warm, or overheating, remove the battery by following this guide. While the battery is out, allow it to cool to room temperature before attempting to use again.

SD Card is Not Processing Fast Enough ¶ 

Generally, the device may experience some temperature increase as it records photos and videos to the SD card. If the SD card is extremely hot or overheating, consider purchasing a new SD card.

Environmental Exposure ¶ 

If your device is currently in a hot or dry area that causes extra exposure to heat, then move it to an area where it can cool down.

Unable to Connect to Other Devices ¶ 

The Samsung Gear 360 will not connect properly to other devices.

Reconnect through the Samsung Gear Application ¶ 

Launch the Gear 360 application on your smartphone. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi direct of your phone will turn on automatically. Just tap connect and follow the on screen instructions to complete the connection. If it fails, try restarting the device and check Bluetooth settings to make sure discover-ability is turned on.

Samsung Gear 360 would freeze during operation ¶ 

Pop the battery out and re-insert. That usually reboots the camera, but, it has been happening too frequently for my taste.

The time lapse feature would not capture shots at the right interval as set ¶ 

I have not found a solution to this problem.


I have new gear 360 2017. It turns on andconnects.. ...until I put in the sd card.. then it won't turn on.

rob hoy - Reply

Think I might have stumbled upon a solution of sorts: I had problems connecting my Gear 360 camera with the Gear 360 (New) app on my Samsung S6. No help from tech support, as usual. So, after bumbling around, I thought I'd

1. Uninstall Samsung Accessory Service (in the app manager).

2. I also uninstalled the Gear 360 app.

3. Unpaired the Gear 360 camera on Bluetooth.

4. Re-started everything.

5. Re-installed just the Gear 360 app on my phone.

6. Attempted to re-connect the Gear 360 camera from within the app.

7. I believe this would trigger the app to automatically install the proper Samsung Accessory Service app.

8. The app started to connect properly to the camera.

Now, the app still isn't impressive but at least that got the camera to connect to the phone app.

Good luck.

bastogne97 - Reply

Just had the same problem, but i was able to fix it by reformatting the SD Card.

To check if this is the problem just remove the sd card and see if it turns on. If it does and says "No SD Card" try putting it back in and if it turns off again then you should reformat the SD Card to exFat32 on your computer. It worked for me and maybe it could work for you as well.

W Marketing Group - Reply

I just bought the Gear 360 (2017) and paired it with my Galaxy S8+ .. it took a couple of photos using the phone and the Gear 360 (new) app. Then on taking the third photo it got stuck on "Capturing". No matter what i do it will not take photos now. I restarted it , the phone nothing happens. the shutter button on the camera also doesnt not works. if i reset it using the app, it will take a couple of photos and then the same issue.

any suggestion guys ?

Craig - Reply

I received my gear 360 it paired with my 8s.

No problem

Camera turned on still good.

I turned ot off it connects but when I hit the camera button in 360 app (new) it tried to open it thinks thinks then the 360 shuts off and disconnects. Its the same after unpairing and reconnecting. My next step is to uninstall the app. Reset 360 and start from scratch.

Do you have a better solution


Ken Hinshaw

Ken Hinshaw - Reply

the Rear camera lens is out of focus on all pictures ( One lens sharp, one blurry),

It is not due to shutter speed or ISO.

It is not due to a stitching error. It appears that if there loss in sharpness in an image

after i google it its not my camera only its a manufacturer defect

how to fix it

mohamed emam - Reply

I have an S8+. I bought a new Gear 360 (2016). Everything works fine. BT connection, photos, video, effects etc. When I try to download an image (photo or video) from the 360 to my phone, the downloading status window flashes on the phone screen for a second disappears. I check the pull down menu and see a “Receiving failed” message. No image gets downloaded. Any suggestions? Thank You.

Cesar Vazquez - Reply

How do I stop the 360 camera from connecting to the WiFi direct…this is draining my battery on my phone

tommy hong - Reply

Why iphone 7 plus cannot pairing Bluetooth with samsung gear 360 (2016)? Any suggestions?

Priatna Budiman - Reply

i got same problem here

Leopold Sudaryono -

I have just purchased my gear 360 with my new Galaxy s9+ . When ever I try to turn on the device with a sim card in it, it will not turn on or connect to my pool home. If I take it out it's fine but I cant take videos or pictures without a sd card!!! What do I do? It's not over heating. I just turned it on.

Ashley DeLara - Reply

Hi there I have bought gear 360 but it shows error on the little display . it doesn’t switch off or on please help

Thank you

k Palopalo -

Hi everyone. I have a problem with connecting to Samsung Galaxy S9. Whenever I use Street-View it connects normal with WLAN, but it’s mentioned that there is no internet on this WLAN device (of course it’s not because it’s Gear 360). Then the mobile internet is blocked because Samsung S9 thinks that there is internet from WLAN(Wifi).

I don’t have this problems on my IPhones(means it connects via Wifi to camera and keeps the mobile internet).

How can I fix that? I probably need to do something on the phone to tell S9 that this connection is not for using internet.

Please help. Thank you :)

Rolf Weg - Reply

So much issue.

I have a Gear 360. I just start using it last night. Realised a lot of faulty issues, but those are the main issue. 1. I charged it until its full twice, but every time it dropped to 1 by itself without being used. 2. It cannot take any photo of video at all. Everytimes i click the button taking photo of video, it keeps loading and turn of by itself.

Ben Yip - Reply

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