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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Verizon Tablet Troubleshooting

An Android-based Samsung tablet serviced by the Verizon Network that was released in September 2015. (Model Number: SM-T817V.)

Home Button Not Working ¶ 

"My home button doesn't work when it's pressed. What can I do to fix it?"

Check for Debris and Dirt Around the Home Button ¶ 

A possible cause may be that your button has a build-up of dirt and debris. Power down your device and using a Q-tip moistened with high-percentage isopropyl alcohol, clean the sides and crevices of the home button. Once the dirt is loosened, clean the same areas with a dry cloth, making sure the fibres catch every particle. You want to repeat these steps until there is no longer a presence of dirt around your home button.

The Home Button Needs to Be Replaced ¶ 

A possible cause may be an electrical or mechanical component of the button is preventing the home button from working. If the button is free of dirt and debris, you may need to replace the button. See the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Verizon Tablet Home Button Replacement guide for instructions.

Tablet Will Not Charge ¶ 

"No matter how many different outlets I use, my device will not charge."

Replace the Charging Port ¶ 

Your charging port may be damaged. Visually inspect the port to see if it has been bent, corroded, or if it wiggles. You can determine corrosion by seeing if the port's wires are completely broken or you can use your finger to see if it wiggles. These are the most apparent defects that will determine if the port needs to replaced.

Use a Different Charging Cable ¶ 

If your charging port appears undamaged, check your charging cable for any damage. If the cable is damaged, you can buy a new Samsung charging cable or any MicroUSB cable.

Check the Battery ¶ 

A possible cause may be that your device has a defective battery. Apparent reasons include corrosion, dents, and fluid leaks. See the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Verizon Tablet Battery Replacement guide for instructions on how to replace a defective battery.

Front-Facing Camera Not Working ¶ 

"When I use the front-facing camera, the screen is blurry and sometimes completely blank."

Check the Front-Facing Camera ¶ 

Make sure there is no build-up in or around your camera. If there is, you can take a small dry cloth and clean around the camera in order to remove any smudges or residue that could be blocking the camera. If the issue persists, the camera itself may be broken and in need of replacement. See the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Verizon Tablet Front-Facing Camera Replacement guide for instructions.

No Audio from Auxiliary Port ¶ 

"I can't hear anything from my headphones."

Check the Auxiliary Port ¶ 

Make sure there is no debris in or around your auxiliary port. If there is, you can use a Q-tip or a toothpick to loosen the debris. Once loosened, a few light taps on the back of the device should get rid of the debris from the device. A can of compressed air may also work as long as it is aimed at least 6 inches away from the device, in order to prevent possible internal damage.

Check to make sure your device is at full volume and do a test with your headphones connected. If the issue persists, there may be an electrical shortage in your auxiliary port. See the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Verizon Tablet Auxiliary Port Replacement guide for instructions on how to replace the auxiliary port.

Rear-Facing Camera Not Working  ¶ 

"When I open the rear-facing camera on my tablet, the screen is blurry or pitch black."

The Camera Needs to Be Cleaned ¶ 

If an image is not displayed (or distorted in some way) when the rear-facing camera is being used, clean the rear camera with a small dry cloth to remove smudges or residue. Moreover, verify nothing is blocking the camera.

Replace the Camera ¶ 

If you've tried cleaning the camera with a cloth, and the problem persists, you may need to replace the camera using the instructions in the following guide: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Verizon Tablet Rear-Facing Camera Replacement.


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