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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0 Troubleshoot Page

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7.0.

Device Wont Charge ¶ 

"Device would not charge when connected to power."

Faulty Charger ¶ 

Test faulty device with other chargers. If the device charges after using another power adapter then the original charger was faulty.

Faulty Charge Port ¶ 

Test faulty device with other chargers. If faulty device doesn't charge after testing other chargers and/or the charging port looked corroded or damaged charge port that needed to be replaced. A video tutorial for the same repair on an earlier model of this device can be found at this link:

Volume Buttons Wouldn't Work ¶ 

"Volume Buttons wouldn't respond when pressed."

Software Issue ¶ 

Restart device to reset the software. If volume buttons work after restarting the device, a software glitch is likely the issue.

Buttons Don't Press ¶ 

Inspect device for dirt and dust impeding volume button to be pressed. Also check for sticky substance. If found clean with air duster or rubbing alcohol with q-tip. If problem persist volume buttons might be malfunction and might need to be replaced. A link to a repair guide is given here: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Volume Buttons Replacement

Broken Screen ¶ 

"Faulty display on device."

Shattered Screen on Device ¶ 

If screen is shattered not much can be done to repair it. Screen must be replaced. A link to a video tutorial on replacing the screen is given here:

Rear Camera Does Not Work ¶ 

"Camera wouldn't work when pressed."

Camera Doesn't Respond ¶ 

If display does not show while using the camera function a software issue might be the issue. The first step to fixing this problem would be to restart the device. If the camera function works properly following the restart then a software glitch was likely the issue.

Cracked Camera Lens ¶ 

If camera lens is shattered not much can be done to repair the lens, so it would need to be replaced. Information can be found at the link below: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Rear Camera Replacement

Audio is Distorted ¶ 

"Trouble with sound through headphones."

Debris Clogging the Speaker ¶ 

Using an air duster, attempt to dislodge the debris from the sound outlet on the speaker. If necessary wet a cotton swab with iso-propyl alcohol and gently wipe the speakers to remove the debris.

Headphones are Faulty ¶ 

Closely examine the headphone cord looking for any exposed metal wire. If the wire appears intact and no metal is showing then try a different pair of head phones. If the audio issue is not apparent with the new headphone then it is likely that the original headphones are faulty.


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