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Samsung Galaxy Mega 2 Troubleshooting

Released September 2016. Model number 7209281.

No matter what you try to do the phone will not power up.

Try connecting the USB to your phone from the power source. Allow a few minutes and if the battery will not take a charge then you will have to replace the battery. Use this guide to replace the battery.

If your phone has a good battery and is taking a charge then it could be that your display is bad. If your device sounds like it is working but there is no picture on your screen, then you will need to replace the screen. To replace the screen use this guide.

Pictures on the phone are appearing black or very distorted.

The camera lens may have a crack in it, caused by visible or non visible damage. If it is cracked you will need to replace the camera lens using the provided guides.

For the back camera use this guide.

For front facing camera use this guide.

You can modify the camera in the settings to try to bring the picture back into focus. If the photo will not focus at all then you will need to replace the camera. For back camera use this guide. For front facing camera use this guide.

The touch screen is not responding to touch at all.

The phone not responding to touch could be due to several different reasons. The first reason could be the you are trying to use a pen to operate the screen, with this device your bare skin or a stylus is required. Trying to use the screen with gloves or hand covering will not work. If the screen will not respond to normal finger touches the screen must be repaired. This guide will allow you to replace the touch screen.

If your touch screen is cracked or shattered it can cause the screen to become unresponsive to your touch as well as damaging internal components. If this is the case you will need to replace the screen, for replacing the screen you will need to follow this guide.

If your device does not meet the above symptoms, your LCD/digitizer may be damaged. This will make the screen unresponsive.

Symptoms for a broken digitzer will include; zero or slow response from the touch screen, certain areas on the screen will respond erratically when touching the screen, and lastly some application may open at random times without a physical action taking place.

To replace the LCD/Digitizer you will need to follow this guide.


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