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Samsung Galaxy J3V Troubleshooting

Samsung Galaxy J3V Troubleshooting Page

Phone battery is not charging after plugging in the USB cord into the charging port.

Check if the charger is properly plugged into the outlet, also check to see if the cord from the charger to the USB cord is connected as well as the USB cord into the charging port. If it’s still not charging try a different outlet or charger if you have one.

The charging port could be dirty and need to be cleaned. This can be done by blowing into the port or spraying it with compressed air.

The battery itself may be bad and needs to be replaced or the connection may be bad. Check if the battery is properly installed into the back of the phone, it should be a snug fit.

Software could be conflicting with charging the phone and a phone restart may be required. Simply turn the phone on and then off.

Phone keeps displaying that the SIM card is not being detected.

Simply turn the phone on and then off.

The SIM card slot may be dirty and has a bad connection. Simply clean the slot with lint free soft cloth or compressed air.

The SIM card itself may be faulty and needs to be replaced. Simply contact your service provider to order a new one.

It’s always a good idea to check if a software update is available. Simply go to the settings in your phone and see if an update is available.

Phone is not able to connect to Wi-Fi network

If the Wireless password is incorrect or changed, Samsung J3 will not connect to the Wi-Fi network. Remove the connection and reconnect again to make sure password is correct.

Make sure that the phone is in the range of Wi-Fi network which is 30 feet and that no electronic items like microwave and cordless phone don’t interfere with signal of the Wi-Fi . Remove the battery for 10 seconds then reinsert it again and turn the phone on, if the Wi-Fi still not working then the issue is with the router.

Phone keeps showing camera failed when camera is opened

Remove the battery while the phone is still on then press and hold the power key while the battery is out. Reinsert the battery again and turn the phone on.

Third-party apps may crash and affect the performance of the phone. In this case, you have to disable all third-party apps temporarily and run the phone in safe mode. Turn off the phone then press and hold the volume down key. Continue holding the key until the safe mode appears in the bottom left of the screen. Open the camera app to see if it still appears the same error.

Delete all corrupt data from the camera app. Go to Home screen and tap App icon-> Settings->Applications-> tap the Camera app or Menu icon-> tap Show System Apps ->tap Storage->tap Clear data then tap OK ->tap Clear Cache to confirm your selection. As long as the pictures and videos are saved on the phone, they will not be deleted. Use this front camera guide or back camera guide to replace either camera.

The phone suddenly becomes hot to the touch while in use

Some phone cases are potentially poorly designed and may hinder proper cooling for the device. If your case is bulky and traps heat to your phone, consider replacing it.

If the back of your Samsung Galaxy J3 becomes concerningly hot, a bad battery could be the culprit. In this case, replace your battery with a genuine or certified replacement battery. Do not use cheap or poor quality replacement batteries or chargers.

Forgetting to kill apps running in the background can take a toll on your phone, causing it to overheat. Monitor what apps you are currently using and kill apps that are not in use (Also, long periods of streaming or gaming on your phone can also cause it to overheat. So don’t watch or play games for a long time without giving your device a rest).

Doing a Soft Reset may resolve an overheating issue. Soft Reset: Turn your device off and remove the cover.->Remove the battery, and wait for 10 seconds before reinserting the battery.->Turn your J3 back on, and see if the problem has been solved.

Doing a Hard Reset is a drastic method and should be seen as a last-ditch effort. It will erase all of the information stored on the device, including passwords, images, texts and apps. Before you proceed with a hard restart, it is recommended to backup any data beforehand that you may need. Hard Reset: Tap Apps from your Home screen.->Tap the Settings option in this menu.->Find and tap Backup and Reset, and tap Factory Data Reset.->Tap Reset Device, and tap Delete All to confirm your selection.


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