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RotoZip Rebel REB01 Type 2 Troubleshooting

The saw is plugged in, but it still won't start.

It is possible that the Rotozip is not broken at all, but the wall plug is not functional. Try plugging your Rotozip into another outlet or try plugging a working device into the original outlet to see if the same problem occurs.

You made sure the outlet is working, yet the Rotozip still will not turn on. Check the exterior of the cord for any slashes. If there are any cuts that could cause a connection failure, check out our Power Cord Replacement page.

If you have opened up the saw for any installations, the connections between the motor and the power button may have been shifted, rendering the power button useless. To repair the connection you will need to take the saw apart and adjust the placement of the saw’s internal components. Our power switch replacement guide will help you do that

The brushes on the motor gradually wear away due to friction. Worn brushes reduce motor power and can cause the motor to stop functioning at random times. To fix this problem, follow our motor replacement guide.

These motors are powerful, but they do not last forever. If you have gone through the other possibilities for why your Rotozip will not start, look to replace the motor. The motor can become hot during prolonged use, making its parts susceptible to alteration and damage. A step by step guide for motor replacements can be found in our motor replacement guide.

While trying to install another drill bit, the keyless chuck will not rotate to open.

It is possible that the keyless chuck is jammed. To fix this problem you will need to remove the collet and find a hard surface. With the rubber edge down, hit the rubber edge against a hard surface 2 to 3 times for the bit to come out.

The plastic housing may have become worn, allowing the lock pin to move around too much. This may also lead to the pin being bent. The orientation of the pin will have to be corrected or it will have to be replaced. Have a look at our saftey lock pin replacement guide for detailed steps.

The cooling fan at the front of the device has stopped spinning.

Over time there could be some dirt or sawdust residue buildup which causes the fan to get clogged. Since the fan is part of the motor assembly, you will need to remove the entire motor, clean out the fan, and put it back into the device.

It is possible that a relatively large piece of material was caught in the fan blades which caused them to twist. This would cause the blades to hit the inner casing of the device and prevent them from spinning. In this case, since the fan is part of the motor assembly, have a look at our motor replacement guide to see how you can switch out the broken fan with a new one.

The saw worked with the original blade, but will not work with other attachments.

The saw attachments have different uses and may require a different installation. Refer to this manual for instructions on installing the attachments.

During installation, something could have moved out of place. Remove the attachment, make sure that it is not damaged, and complete the installation.

If you followed the installation guides step by step and the attachment still will not work, it could be because the attachment is faulty. Exchange the faulty attachment for a functional one and follow the installation instructions on this manual.

The power on switch will not move.

Dirt may build up inside the casing which can cause the power on switch to get stuck. To fix this problem, you will need to remove the casing, clean the power switch and the area surrounding it, and put it back in place. For more detailed steps on how to remove the switch, refer to our power switch replacement guide


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