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Ring Video Doorbell Troubleshooting

Ring Video Doorbell Model No. 88RG000FC100

Poor/Lost WiFi Signal ¶ 

Poor and delayed video and occasionally not receiving notifications. Ring, Motion or Live View failing to connect or taking more than a couple of seconds to connect.

WiFi Router Channel Crowded ¶ 

Most routers are automatically set to switch channels to the least crowded. While this is the case, some must be done manually. Ensure that it is enabled by following the following link:

Bad WiFi Router Placement ¶ 

Bad router placement can be the reason why there is a weak or no WiFi signal, as routers do have a limited reach. If this is the case, move your router to a location that is within 200 feet of the Ring Doorbell.

Insufficient Power ¶ 

Existing internal doorbell not ringing correctly or Ring Video Doorbell works fine for a couple of events and then stops working.

Low Voltage ¶ 

To solve this issue the Ring video doorbell may not be receiving sufficient voltage. For the Ring video doorbell to function properly it needs a minimum of 3,900 mV. You can check the voltage by opening the Ring app, selecting Ring Pro, and then selecting device health. If this does not fix the issue, you may need to replace the capacitor, which can be found on this link:

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If the Ring Video Doorbell is not turning on regardless if plugged in or not, then the battery may be defective. Replace the battery using this guide: Ring Doorbell Battery Replacement Battery replacement instructions Replacement

Night Vision Malfunction ¶ 

Poor video quality only at night or does not record at night time. System unresponsive only at night time.

Faulty Camera ¶ 

If the camera is not responsive at all and no image can be seen, while everything else functions properly on the Ring Video Doorbell, the camera is most likely at fault. Thus, you will need to replace the camera, and the steps to do so can be found at this link:

Weak Internet Speed ¶ 

Slow internet can cause problems with Live View. To see if this is the cause of the problem, test your internet speed. A minimum of 2 Mbps Upload and Download speed is recommended for the best streaming performance for Ring Pro and Floodlight Cam. Consider resetting your WiFi router if the problem persists. To do this, simply locate the reset button on the router, press and hold for 10 seconds.

Poor Wiring ¶ 

Poor wiring may lead to video freezing and night vision issues, therefore, if you are experiencing any of these issues, check your wiring to make sure the Pro Power Kit is installed correctly using this guide:

No Sound ¶ 

Doorbell is not ringing or notifications cannot be heard.

Faulty Speakers ¶ 

If the speaker is not responsive at all and no sound can be heard, even after ensuring audio is enabled from both the application and the Ring Doorbell, the speakers might need to be replaced. The following link will show you the steps to do this: Ring Video Doorbell Pro Speaker Replacement

Microphone Not Enabled ¶ 

The microphone on the Ring Doorbell may not be enabled and therefore, you will not be able to receive and hear any sound. Therefore, ensure that the microphone has been enabled on the device, by going to the Ring Doorbell app and toggling the microphone button. If the issue persists you may need to replace the microphone. To do this, follow the following link:

Unresponsive Doorbell Button ¶ 

No response from the doorbell when the ring button is pressed.

Stuck Button ¶ 

If the button on the Doorbell is not responsive at all and does not ring or notify you on the application , even after ensuring audio and notifications are enabled from both the application and the Ring Doorbell, the button may need to be replaced. In order to do this, please follow the following link:


One of our Ring door bells shows at ‘stripey red’ picture. Have checked the wi-fi signal is okay, and done device health (all okay) any ideas ?

ajton - Reply

My ring door bell just crashes and will not connect to my phone no matter how many times I've tries to reset it, even the reset does not work

Andy t - Reply

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