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Ricoh Shotmaster 130z Troubleshooting

The Shotmaster 130z is a 35mm film camera that includes an autofocus lens and a built in flash.

Camera will not power on ¶ 

When the drive dial is turned into the "on" position there is no response from the camera

Battery is missing ¶ 

Check if there is a battery. If there is a battery, try replacing it. If the replacement works, then the previous battery is defective.

Battery Replacement Guide

Shutter will not release ¶ 

When the shutter is pressed there is no response from the camera and no pictures are taken

Batteries are running low ¶ 

Shutter not releasing may occur due to low voltage. Is the battery mark blinking on the LCD panel? If it is, replace the batteries.

Battery Replacement Guide

The film is not loaded correctly ¶ 

Is "O" blinking on the exposure panel? If yes, open the back cover and reload the film.

Film Replacement Guide

Pictures appear blurry ¶ 

The taken pictures are not clear, objects are not defined

Abrupt movement when the picture was taken ¶ 

To prevent a blurry picture, steadily hold the camera and gently tap the Shutter Release button.

The AF monitor was blinking ¶ 

This indicates the object is difficult to focus. Hold the shutter release button halfway and make sure that the AF monitor is lit and the object is focused before you press it completely.

Built in flash not responding ¶ 

The flash does not light when the picture is taken

The lighting is not appropriate ¶ 

If the flash is set to automatic, make sure the lighting in the room isn't too bright. If you can't do anything about the lighting, manually set the flash to "on" mode.

Infinity mode is turned on ¶ 

The flash does not fire in Infinity mode. Turn the Infinity mode off and try again.

Zooming lens not working ¶ 

The lens appears to be stuck and not adjusting or not focusing on the object

The camera was turned off improperly ¶ 

This can cause the lens to get stuck in an undesired position. In this case, adjust the zoom manually and then turn the camera off by turning the switch into the "off" position.

The object is too close to the lens ¶ 

The zooming lens requires the object to be at least 1 mt (3.3 ft) away from the camera when the Infinity mode is on and 2 mt (6.6 ft) away when the Panorama mode is on.

Film advance or rewind not functioning ¶ 

The film will not rewind or advance when the camera is on

The batteries are running low ¶ 

Film advancing and rewinding not working may be due to low voltage. Replace the batteries.

Self timer not functioning ¶ 

The shutter does not release in the self timer mode

The object is too close ¶ 

If the object is too close to the camera, the AF monitor will blink cancelling the self timer function. Back up from the camera and try again.


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