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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Revlon RVIR1008 Troubleshooting

Revlon is not heating up

Unfortunately your Revlon hair iron is not heating up. There are a variety of reasons why this may occur.

Cord not plugged in

Make sure the black swivel cord is fully plugged into an outlet. It may also be useful to check if the outlet is being powered by using an electricity tester tool.

Swivel cord is detached from the female socket

If the end of the cord going into the iron's casing feels lose when you wiggle it, the swivel cord may be detached from the female socket. The internal component of the hair iron may be damaged, and will require further inspection, as found in the replacement or repair guide.

Heat dial is at the lowest setting

The heat dial may be set to the lowest setting. Carefully increase the dial and wait a set amount of time for it to fully heat up.

Barrel Shell is cracked

A crack in the barrel shell may cause a broken circuit or worse. The barrel shell (the main cylindrical iron component) may need to be replaced.

The barrel shell needs to be replaced

Follow the provided guides to remove the metal stand, barrel clip, clip spring, spring plate, and the bottom of the curling iron handle. Then slip the barrel shell off of the curling iron itself to replace with a new component. Refer to the replacement guide here:

Revlon RVIR1008 Barrel Shell Replacement

Barrel clip is loose

The barrel clip, attached to the main device, may be loose, which may reduce performance and increase user harm. This would cause hair to neither be evenly heated, nor straightened/curled.

The screws may be loose or missing

Check if the two 3 mm screws are in place on opposite sides of the device. Re-tighten the two screws in case they are not fully fastened.

Plastic cover is loose

The plastic cover, which holds the plastic body together via two screws, may come loose from heavy use.

Screws may be loose or undone

Check if the two screws are loose and are not fully inserted. This may affect internal component performance, and gives way to water damage. Tighten the two screws to prevent damage.


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