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Razer Naga Epic Chroma Troubleshooting

Released in November of 2014. A right-handed, optical, 4G sensor mouse, with 12 side buttons, the option to be wire-bound or wireless, and 16.8 million led color choices (as is standard for all Razer "Chroma" products).

The Mouse Cursor Lags ¶ 

Cursor jumps across the screen, lags behind user input, or seems to 'catch', stopping momentarily.

Sensor is Blocked ¶ 

Ensure there is no foreign material underneath the mouse and/or on the mousepad. It takes surprisingly little to block input. Don't forget to turn the mouse off before looking directly at the sensor.

Firmware is Old ¶ 

Go to the Razer Firmware Updater (use the search function on your computer if you can't locate it). Follow the directions displayed on the program. Plug the Naga into a USB port. It should not be lit up. The firmware should now be updated.

Mousepad is Defective ¶ 

The problem could be as simple as the material under the mouse. You can get a new mousepad, but it would be wiser to check the mousepad calibration first. First, open the "Synapse" program. Go to the "Calibration" tab. Select "Razer Mats." Finally, select the mat that most closely resembles the surface your mouse is on.

The Mouse Always Double-clicks ¶ 

Mouse will double-click, even if user inputs a single-click.

We All Make Mistakes ¶ 

Ensure that this is a reoccurring problem, and not user error. If you've gone out of your way to find this page, this is most likely not the case.

Dust is Under the Mouse Buttons ¶ 

Gently shake the mouse to remove any foreign material under the mouse button. Ensure it is facing downwards.

Stubborn Debris Under the Mouse Buttons ¶ 

Blow air under the mouse button to remove any more stubborn foreign material. Compressed air is possible, but it should be used with caution. If you snack while gaming, be sure to clean your fingertips before using the mouse again.

Wireless Mode is Not Working ¶ 

Mouse doesn't pair with computer.

Create a Direct Connection ¶ 

Plug the mouse in with the cable it comes wih. Giving it a direct connection will usually snap it back to reality.

USB Power Manager ¶ 

Go to device manager, Universal Serial Bus Controllers, USB Root Hub, Properties, Power Management. Uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". This prevents your computer from deactivating the USB port, and ensures that you won't be rudely interrupted like this again.

Mouse Laser is Not Working ¶ 

Cursor doesn't move corresponding to user input.

Blocked Sensor, Part Two ¶ 

Turn off the mouse, then ensure there is no foreign material blocking the sensor, such as a sticky note (especially important on April Fool's)

Create a Direct Connection, Part Two ¶ 

Attempt to connect mouse with the provided USB wire.

Recalibrate the mouse ¶ 

Run Razer Synapse (or equivalent software). Go to the "Calibration" tab. Click the "Other" option. Click the "Mousepad" box. Click the "Recalibrate" option. Set the slider to "1." Usually, it is on 3 or 4.

The Mouse Won't Turn On ¶ 

Mouse refuses to turn on.

Ensure the mouse is charged. ¶ 

Check charger port functionality by using different micro-USB wires to charge it.

Additionally, attempt to connect mouse to computer with the provided cable. If wire isn't functional, check other micro-USB wires to determine if the problem lies with the wire or the mouse itself.

what to do if Wireless is Working and Wired Mode is Not Working ?

mike laluan - Reply

This video fixes the drag and holding issue where it will let go of holding left or right click and it will let go by itself

Mitchell Ward - Reply

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