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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 Troubleshooting

Released in 2013, identified by model number: RZ03-0038, Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and product number: RZ03-00381900-R3U1.

Keyboard is not Working

Your keyboard is not functioning fully. Your key strokes might not be detected by the computer or your computer seems to be acting slow to keyboard input. Causes to this problem may be from this keyboard not being used for an extended period of time or from a previous driver update error.

Drivers aren't up to date

To solve this problem, simply launch the Razer Ultimate Firmware Updater application. The application should automatically search and apply the latest drivers. If you do not have the firmware updater application, go here to download the application

Drivers update failed

If you have previously tried to update the drivers in your keyboard and the update failed, it is common for this error to occur. Ideally, this update should successfully install the first time, but if not, the keyboard will need to be forced to update. This video shows one way of fixing the problem. If this method does not work, try a similar update method.

Operating System drivers might be the wrong version

Check to see if you have the correct firmware update for your operating system. If you have software for a different operation system, your keyboard will not function properly. Double check to make sure you downloaded the correct software for your system.

Keyboard connection to computer might be faulty

Razer keyboards have been known to not be compatible via USB to PS2 adapter. If this is the case, try connecting the keyboard to your computer via USB only.

Keyboard not Detected by Computer

When the keyboards’ USB is plugged into the computer it is not turning on and the computer receives no input from the keyboard. This might be caused by the wrong USB cable being attached to the computer or your computer may not be up to date.

Wrong cable or USB input might be connected

There are two different USB cable on this keyboard. Make sure the correct cable is plugged into the computer. If one or the other is still not working try plugging the cable into different USB jacks on the computer. If the issue still cannot be resolved it is possible that the computer is not up to date in order to recognize the keyboard.

Your computer may not be up to date

First of all make sure the computers operating system is the most recent version. Also, keep in mind that this keyboard was developed for windows 7. It is possible that newer operating systems such as windows 8 or 10 may need the software from windows 7 in order to recognize the keyboard. Try running programs made for previous versions of windows. On the desktop go to Start -> Control Panel -> Programs -> Run programs made for previous versions of Windows. Follow the guide that will pop up on the screen to troubleshoot any operating system related issues. If this still does not seem to bring any results refer to the “Drivers Update” section of the trouble shooting page. If issues are not driver related the cables may be damaged or defective.

Damaged or defective cables may be connected

Check the ends of the USB cables and the USB jacks you are trying to plug into for signs of damage. All the connectors on the inside of the USB should be straight and there are a total of four connection points on the inside of the USB cables and jacks. Next check for any signs of visible damage along the cables or where the cable goes inside the back of the keyboard. If there is no visible damage check the inside of the keyboard. Instructions for safely opening up the keyboard can be found here.

Keys Are Double Typing

No matter what you press, your keyboard types characters and/or numbers multiple times at once. This can be from the keyboard not being clean or the PC settings not being correct.

The keys may not be clean

If your keyboard is double typing, you might need to clean the keys. The keyboard is constantly exposed to dust and dirty so some keys might get damaged. The dust might cause your keyboard to double type. If the issue persists after cleaning the keyboard, you might need to replace the button under the key.

PC Settings may not be correct

If cleaning your keyboard does not work, you can try to change your PC settings. Your keyboard settings may have gotten changed producing the undesirable double typing. In this case, you only need to access the control panel of your computer and find the settings for the keyboard. Once you find the keyboard settings you need to the repeat delay and repeat speed to match your preference.

Keyboard is Dirty

Over the time the keyboard get covered with crumbs, grease and dust and it is recommended to clean it every once in a while to maintain the full functionality. When it is time to clean your keyboard, you will have to just follow few steps.

1. Tilt the keyboard upside down and Shake it gently this will remove the loose debris between the keyboards.

2. Towelette and rubbing alcohol Dip a towelette into the rubbing alcohol and brush it on tops of all keys and surfaces. For detailed cleaning, you can dip a swab into the rubbing alcohol use it to clean the areas between the keys.

3. Remove the keys and clean the covered areas the keys can be easily removed using a plastic or metal spudger. Be sure to remove them gently as they can get damaged. You can now clean the covered areas around the keys, and also wash the removed keys with water and soap. After washing make sure to let them dry completely before installing them back again.


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