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My Tablet Won't Turn On ¶ 

No matter how hard you try, the tablet won't turn on.

Power Button is Stuck ¶ 

Make sure that no dirt or grime is interfering with the power button being pressed. If you're sure that nothing is interfering and it still won't move, you may need to open the device to move the button back into place.

Drained/Bad Battery ¶ 

The batteries that come with this tablet aren't exactly known for their long lifespans. If you've plugged in your tablet to a charger and it still won't turn on, the battery may need to be replaced.

Broken LCD Display ¶ 

If the tablet's lights turn on when you attempt to turn it on, but the screen doesn't turn on with it, you may need to replace the LCD Display.

My Tablet is Frozen/A Serious Message Appears ¶ 

Your tablet is definitely turning on, but just won't respond to anything you do. Or maybe it gives you a serious message when you start it up. What do you do?

Motherboard Going Bad ¶ 

If issues like this occur to you on every start up, it may be time to replace the motherboard on your tablet.

Bad Software ¶ 

Firstly, to get your device to respond again after it has frozen, use an unbent paperclip to press the reset button on the back of the device. This should restart it safely so that you can go about trying to fix the problem.

If the problems are occurring when you try to use a specific program, try uninstalling and reinstalling that particular program. If it keeps happening, try to avoid using that program or looking for something with a similar feature to use as a replacement.

My Touch Screen is Acting Strange ¶ 

Are your icons not working even though you swear you're clicking them just right? We may be able to help.

Protective Film on the Touchscreen Surface ¶ 

Remove any protective film on the touch screen. The protective film may stop the tablet from reading your finger presses correctly.

Screen Calibration is Wrong ¶ 

Go into your device's settings and find a touchscreen calibration option. Run the calibration and the device should more accurately be able to read your presses.

Software Glitches ¶ 

Just to be safe, restart the tablet to clear any temporary software bugs. In the event that the tablet won't turn on or off normally, you can do this by using an unbent paperclip to press the reset button on the back of the tablet. Sometimes the best way to fix a problem is turning it off and on again!

My Tablet's Sound Isn't Working or Sounds Strange ¶ 

Your tablet turns on and appears to work, but when you play your favorite song, the audio doesn't play properly.

Bad Headphones/Speakers ¶ 

It's unlikely your headphones or speakers are bad, but it's worthwhile to eliminate these as the source of your problem at the beginning. Try your tablet with another set of headphones or speakers just to make sure that the problem is within the tablet.

Bad Audio Jack ¶ 

First, check the audio jack for dirt or grime. If there is noticeable buildup on the inside, clean it out by dipping a Q-tip in some Isopropyl Alcohol and rubbing it inside the jack.

If that doesn't help, the motherboard may need to be replaced. The audio jack runs on the motherboard, and may have gone bad.

My Tablet's Camera Isn't Working Correctly ¶ 

Pictures come out fuzzy? Can't get the camera to zoom? Camera not working at all? We've got you covered.

Film on Camera Lens ¶ 

Make sure that there's no film or plastic on the lens of the camera - this could make pictures come out blurry or in poor quality. If there is something on it, take it off and see how it looks now!

Bad Cable Connection to the Motherboard ¶ 

If your camera has stopped working altogether or only works some of the time, it may have a bad connection inside the device. We have some great guides, though, to help you check the connection or to replace it.

Smudges or Fingerprints on the Lens ¶ 

If your pictures are blurry or smudged, you may just have a dirty lens. Get a cleaning cloth and simply clean off the camera's lens. If the pictures are still blurry after you've cleaned it, it may be a different issue.


where is the zoom button for the camera?

Anita - Reply

It's not a button but, a gesture, there are two gestures to zoom. The natrual zoom is to put two fingers on the screen and slide outwards, it will zoom the camera capture up to x2.0. The other gesture is to tap on the screen three times where you want to zoom. The speed can be changed, or the zoom can be disabled. This is a forced zoom, it will produce an orange outline on your screen, it does not effect the camera's capture.

Max -

Dilqlay backward

Marlene Primrose - Reply

How the heck do you reverse the camera? !

jj69little - Reply

there is only a front facing camera.

yoda -

where in the heck is the camera . rca cambio 10.1 windows 10

scottelsey2 -

My tablet charges and turns on. But Voyager is the only thing that's comes up after it comes on. Which drains the battery all over again.

Sakinah Fields - Reply

Send it in to be repaired/replaced.

Max -

this is how you fix it i just fixed mine tonight

bdougeppard -

My camera is recording upside down and I can't fix it

Mashiya Paige - Reply

Something may be wrong with the internal orientation tracking. You might need to send it in.

Max -

Can't get the camera off to go back to the home page

cynthia adams - Reply

The screen is not registering my fingers I've tried everything it registers some words but then I have to rotate the screen to the other side to type a certain letter none of this happened until I took the plastic or the protection cover off I had another RCA that did the same thing and then all together stopped turning on just the freaking flashing on and right back off even when being on the charger that works perfectly for 4 hours

Raniyah Hudson - Reply

Have you ever found a fix for this?

Melissa durbin -

Have you found a solution?

Markus -

When I click on my camera it has message can't connect with camera please make sure to close other apps that may use camera or can I fix this???? What apps would cause this problem??

Tracy Bancroft - Reply

Remove all apps from history with the sqaure button, then repeat until it says "Your recent screens appear here". This should remove any programs secretly using it. Use the app again and you shouldn't have this problems with it again.

Max -

my RCA tablet will not reset

Edward Williams - Reply

My tablet won't reset

shiamaejia -

What's should i do about reset

shiamaejia -

It explained in the article and device manual, if it won't reset with the long button push (much longer then power off menu), put the end of a paper clip in the little hole in the back labaled "RESET" and hold the power button 4-5 seconds and it should reset. If this doesn't work, either consult the maual, or send it for repair/replacement. Any typos are probably due to my miss calibrated keyboard.

Max -

Can this tablet be charger using the USB port or do I have the use the wall charger jw cause I think A: maybe my charger is bad B: battery is crappy

Lacey - Reply

What do you mean? Are you asking what can be used to charge it? Or, can it charge other devices? If you mean what can charge it, basically you need a USB cable type A, Male (maybe female will work, I don't know), and you can charge it with anything that has a type B USB port, even an Xbox 360! Depending on what port and cable you use, you could charge it faster. If you basically want to use it as a power bank, you might be able to use an OTG USB cable type B (I don't know know much about these) to charge something, you might need the item you're charging to be a smart device (such as a computer, phone, or tablet) to select how to use the cable. I have a new keyboard, so there might some typos.

Max -

My sons tablet keeps saying "Google is not working" and has been saying this since he opened it for Christmas. However I have smaller children and with this weather and not wanting to take them outside in it, I wasn't able to make it to Walmart until 1/10/2017 and they told me there wasn't anything that could be done because they stopped Christmas returns the day before.... My question is how do I trouble shoot it to get it to work or can RCA replace it because the device was shipped to me this way ?

pyalicia - Reply

I don't think you can trouble shoot it with the same device because the main application, google, isn't functioning, you may need to use your own personal device to to find the manufacter and send the device to be replaced, repaired, or refunded. If you feel you can find the souce of this error on your own, you could search your device for malware (unlikely any will exist), any disabled apps that are important for function, or updates on the playstore.

Max -

The camera app says its not responding and it as stopped I can't use it at all

Ruby Minecart - Reply

Soft keys arent responding

Justin Rodgers - Reply

my tablet will charge fine for a while but after a while i have to plug it in to my laptop while my laptop is charging to get it to work again. what could be causing this

Skylar Kelley - Reply

This could be caused by a damaged cable, if you have any others, check if they do the same or don't have problems. If the other cords function better, then you may want to discard the cable that has problems. If they do the same, it may be a problem with the device. (If you don't have other cables, check the following first) check how firm the cable is in the device, if loose, you may need a new port on your device, bending the cable may seem like a good solution, but you will just brake the cable. Instead, send the device to the manufacturer and have it repaired or replaced. It could be you got unlucky and it overheats easily, most electronics have a protection against this, they will stop accepting charge, in this case, you can't do anything about this other than replace it. It may be the cable or outlet/USB port, they could be over voltage. if none of these seem to be the issue, it may be an internal issue, you will need to send it to the manufacturer to be repaired/replaced.

Max -

It says to find a calibration option, but I can't find it even if I seach for it in settings. Does anyone know why it doesn't show and how I can find it? The calibration isn't precise enough for me to type comfortably, but otherwise it functions just fine.

Max - Reply

Our RCA Voyager tablet will not search , when we try to search on youtube, google, etc. it will the keyboard will not pop up. Any advice ?

Sharon Tippett - Reply

Where can I find the callibration button?? Please help I cant find it and my screen doesn't work when I touch it

Johana Galiano - Reply

the same thing happened to me too but my screen just wont work at all

Brian Weland -

What if your tablet just shuts off when i was downloading a game it just turn to black screen and when it didn’t it glitched to the point it restarted by itself

22JoshuaD Hall - Reply

my tablet the touch screen just simply wont work

Brian Weland - Reply

I have replaced the screen on a RCA Viking pro, it will not work using the touch function which is why I replaced the screen. Any ideas ??

Jesse Keesee - Reply

I replaced the touch screen on a RCA Viking pro and the touch part does not work. The screen was cracked and the touch wouldn’t work before just expected it was due to the screen being broken. Any ideas as to what it could be ?

Jesse Keesee - Reply

My tablets touch screen won't work at all. What can I do to fix this? My screen is cracked, and only near the top of the crack will it work.

Why - Reply

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