Pry damage (Signs and Prevention)

How to detect and prevent pry damage. iPhones, iPods, iPads.

Pry Damage -

Pry damage is most commonly caused when removing batteries in iPhones or iPads. Pry damage is also known to happen in iPads during a screen replacement when being reckless with the digitizer and LCD connector on the logic board.

Signs of Pry Damage -

Signs of pry damage can range from very obvious all the way to impossible to see without a microscope. Pry damage can happen with reckless removal of an LCD or digitizer connector, which would be a very obvious example when the connector is either missing or missing pins. Other cases of pry damage include accidentally knocking off motherboard capacitors when unplugging a battery or display connector. With this type of damage you may not even realize its happened until you try to test the device and something isn't working properly. Once again, this tends to happen when rushing through a repair without good attention to detail.

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Pry Damage Repair -

Repairing pry damage tends to be a much bigger hassle than just taking the time in the first place would be. Typically requiring soldering or some form of board-level repair, it can lengthen a repair that could have been accomplished within 3 hours into a repair that may take up to a day or longer. This is not only a great inconvenience to the customer, but also to you or the one that is diagnosing and fixing those mistakes that could have easily been avoided with simply being more careful.

Prevention of Pry Damage-

As mentioned previously, pry damage happens when not being careful while removing batteries and connectors from iPhone, iPads, or any other device. The best way to go about preventing the issue is to simply be more careful and use a bit of common sense. Instead of taking out an iPhone battery by putting force on the logic board side of the phone, use the opposite aluminum or plastic frame side of the phone. Something as simple as that can help ensure a repair is done in a timely manner and no accidental damage occurs.


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