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Protocol TerraCopter EVO Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Protocol TerraCopter EVO.

The drone won’t turn on even though you tried everything.

If the drone or the controller doesn’t work correctly, most likely there is a drained battery on either the drone or the controller. Therefore, change the battery in the aircraft or in the controller. You can buy a new battery here.

It is possible that the syncing process isn't functioning correctly. Try turning on the controller then turn on the aircraft and set it on the ground.

The drone won’t lift up and maintain on the air.

If the drone wasn’t on the ground when the syncing process happening, you need to put it on the ground and start re-synchronize aircraft and controller.

If the drone is not balancing properly, it’s most likely due to trim settings being incorrect. You should try to reset the trim buttons on the controller and re-trim flight control.

The controller won’t send signals to the drone.

Most likely the reason why the controller won’t send signals is because the controller battery is drained , but there is also a possibility of the controller having malfunction problems. You can purchase a battery from this link and a new controller from here .

There is a malfunction where the drone’s wheel won’t turn.

You should check if the battery is drained in the drone, if so replace the battery with the new one so the wheels can work properly.

if the wheels are unable to function because its defective or damaged , you should consider replacing it, you can find the replacement wheels here.

There a possibility that the drone wasn’t sync correctly to the controller , so you should try to re-synchronize the drone to the controller by putting the drone on the ground and turn it on again.

The drone’s wings are not working correctly or won’t work at all.

Most of the time the wings won’t turn is because the battery died, check if the battery is drained, if so remove the old battery and replace it with a new one.

If the wings are defective or damaged, most likely you have to replace it with new wings . You can find the new wings for the drone here.

The causes of the problem might be because the drone and the controller wasn’t sync correctly, so be sure that the drone is synced correctly. Try to re-synchronize the drone to the controller.


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