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Proscan PLT7050 Troubleshooting

Released in approximately 2012, the Proscan PLT7050 uses Android operating system (OS) is manufactured by Curtis International.

Proscan PLT7050 Tablet touch screen performs slowly or screen is unresponsive.

Make sure the screen is clean, using a damp (lint-free) cloth. Do not spray the screen with water or solution, spray liquids onto the cleaning cloth only.

Visually inspect your screen protector for damage. If you have a screen protector on your tablet and it looks damaged, try removing it. Also, screen protectors can sometimes interfere with the sensitivity of the touch screen. (note-some screen protectors can only be used one time and may not be reusable)

Shut down the device and restart. Restarting the device may close down applications that are running, freeing up Random Access Memory (RAM) that may be slowing down the device. If the restart does not resolve the issue, try a device reset. Locate the reset button (the reset button is located next to the SD card slot on the back of the tablet) and reset the device. Make sure to save any work you have on the device before resetting.

Proscan PLT7050 Tablet has no audio coming from the speaker.

Open the settings and make sure the mute setting is off. The volume could be very low or off. Use the up volume button on the bottom of the tablet.

If the volume is up and the mute settings are off, there may be a problem with the software that can be fixed with a factory reset. To perform a factory reset, insert a paperclip into the small hole on the back side of the tablet that is labeled reset (next to the SD card reader) and hold the power button for 10 seconds at the same time. This will prompt an options screen, scroll down with the volume buttons and select with the power button “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” . Then use the volume keys to choose “Yes” and the power button to select, then select “Reboot System Now” with the power button. This will clear all data from the tablet so make sure to store your files from the tablet somewhere else before attempting to reset.

If after the factory reset the tablet is still not producing sound, the problem is with the internal speakers. The speakers might have defective wiring or are damaged and may need to be replaced.

Proscan PLT7050 power button is unresponsive or the display screen flashes, flickers or turns off.

Device may not be charged sufficiently. Charge the tablet with the original charger for a 10-hour period. Make sure to charge with the tablet powered off.

Verify that your charging cable and charging port are not damaged.

If the tablet still will not turn on after charging, try resetting the tablet.

Locate the reset button and reset the device. (the reset button is located next to the SD card slot on the back of the tablet)

If the tablet remains unresponsive, there may be a defective battery or motherboard that may need to be replaced.

Proscan PLT7050 screen is black and unresponsive when plugged in.

Connect your device to a charger for a 10-hour period to ensure that there is enough charge for the device to turn on.

Inspect for damage on charger. If the device isn’t charging, your charger may be broken causing the power not to reach the device.

This device uses a generic micro USB, try plugging in your device with a different micro USB charging cable to make sure that the charger wasn’t the cause of the issue.

A common cause of charging port issues is a dirty USB port. Remove and clean possible debris from the charging port.

Proscan PLT7050 will not connect to a wireless internet connection.

There may be issues connecting with the Wi-Fi because either the Wi-Fi was somehow turned off or the device may be in airplane mode. Check the device settings and ensure that the Wi-Fi is on, and that airplane mode is turned off. The system will scan for Wi-Fi signal automatically.

You may be having problems with connecting to the Wi-Fi simply because you are not close enough to the router and/or modem, there may be obstacles between the device and the router and/or modem, or there may be interference with other devices that use a 2.4GHz frequency band, such as a microwave, Bluetooth, or digital cordless devices. Simply move closer to your router and/or modem and try again to connect to the Wi-Fi

You may be experiencing problems with connecting to the Wi-Fi because the router and/or modem is simply not on. Ensure the router and/or modem is on and check your connection.

If the router and/or modem is on it may need to be restarted. Simply turn off the router and/or modem, wait 30 seconds, and turn the router and/or modem on.

If you still cannot connect to Wi-Fi and your router and/or modem is broadcasting a signal, perform a soft rest on the tablet. A soft reset can be performed by holding the power button for 2 seconds, the screen will display “power off”, select “ok” to power off the unit completely. Wait 30 seconds, then push the power button for approximately 2 seconds and the device will start up again. After giving the device a minute or so to start up, connect to the Wi-Fi.

If the router and/or modem is still not sending out a signal after a reset, contact your internet provider.

If after trying the steps above doesn’t work, resetting the device to factory settings may help. When this is done all of the user settings and data will be lost, so make sure that all files are saved to another device so that they are not lost. To do this press the power key, volume +, and volume - keys all at the same time for about 6 seconds. Using the volume keys, select “wipe data/factory reset” and press the power key to confirm the selection. Select “Yes- delete all user data” and press the power key to confirm the selection. Finally the screen will show “reboot system now”. Press the power key to confirm and then device will reboot and then open the home page.

After going through all of the above steps (multiple times if possible), there is the chance that the wireless receiver may be malfunctioning and the motherboard may need to be replaced.


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