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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Device does not turn on.

The battery is not fully charged unless the light on the charger is red. Once placed inside the Batwing, red and blue LED lights will begin to flash. If after fully charging the battery, and it still does not work, consider replacing the battery completely as it may be faulty.

The battery must face downwards in order to clip into the receiver.

The controller will not direct the Batwing.

Make sure the batteries inside the controller are AAA and are also facing the correct terminal.

If the connection between the controller and the Batwing is lost during flight, re-calibrating the drone can solve this issue. Doing so allows the controller to reconnect with the drone and function properly again. The drone is calibrated by positioning the device on a flat stable surface and pressing the calibrating button for 30 seconds until the drone’s light stop tilting.

If another device in the area is operating under the same frequency as the Batwing, the drone may not function. In this situation, press either the “3CH” or “4CH” button on the controller to change the frequency.

The safety guard is not attached to the Batwing.

If the Batwing safety guard is snapped, it may not be able to attach to the drone. In this case, consider taping the safety guard back together. If the guard is still not secure, buy a replacement.

If the safety guard does sit flush to the ground when the Batwing is right-side up, the safety guard may be on upside down. To correct this, remove the guard and reattach it facing the opposite direction.

Controller elements cannot be assembled properly.

Each ergonomic grip is specifically designed to fit either the right or left side of the controller. Thus, they are not interchangeable and should be placed so that they slide completely into each grip slot.

If a joystick is broken or no longer functions properly, the controller should be opened by unscrewing the four corner screws on the backside of the controller. Afterwards, the joystick caps should be removed and the DIY replacement 3D joysticks should be inserted. Finally, re-secure the four corner screws.

The propellers are not elevating the Batwing.

The Batwing propellers must be attached to specific locations under the drone. Otherwise, the drone will not elevate but remain stationary with respect to ground or other surface from which it is intended to take off. Each propeller has either a letter A or B on one of its four blades and, knowing this, two propellers with different letters on their blades should be attached to the rear of the drone. Then, the two propellers left whose labeling letters should be different are to be attached in the front of the drone on opposite sides, so if the back left motor of the Batwing has a propeller with letter A, then the front left must have a propeller with the letter B on it.

If the motor that powers the propeller does not work, they should be replaced. This can be done by pulling out the plastic blades corresponding to the damaged propellers and then disconnecting the broken motor from the Batwing main circuit. Afterwards, the new motor can be placed where its damaged counterpart was, making sure that this new component is properly integrated to the Batwing control system.


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