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PowerA ProEX Xbox 360 Wired Controller Troubleshooting

PowerA ProEX, Model #: 1414135-01

The Xbox button will not light up.

The LEDs may have come loose during play or may not have been properly assembled.

It is possible that the LEDs have burnt out over time with use. You should replace the LEDs.

An exposed wire from the LED may be short-circuiting with the board. Maneuver the wire so it is not touching the circuit board.

The joystick is not functioning properly or is unresponsive.

There could be something sticky preventing the joystick from rotating properly or something physically blocking it. You can follow the first few steps of the Joystick Replacement guide to clean it out.

This may also be due to debris, which would prevent a joystick's click from registering correctly. You can follow the Joystick Replacement guide to remove the debris obstructing the connection.

If you have tried opening it up and see nothing in the way, check if the other buttons work. If it isn't an issue with the wired connection or the software setup, you may have to replace the joystick altogether.

The USB dongle keeps falling out of the USB slot.

If the USB dongle is loose and cannot be connected properly, try another USB slot. If the problem persists, the USB dongle may have to be replaced.

There may be dirt or debris in the USB dongle. Use a can of compressed air to clean it out.

If the wire connecting the USB dongle to the controller is broken, you may have to solder on a replacement wire.

The buttons on your controller won't respond or appear to be broken or missing.

If the entire controller fails to respond, try replacing it with this guide.

When buttons can't be pressed, there may be something below the physical button holding it up. To fix this, [http://?|remove the button] and make sure nothing is stuck below it. You may need to wipe off the area underneath. Once it is sufficiently clean, snap the button back into position.

If buttons on the controller are missing, replace them.

The controller does not rumble when it is supposed to.

In the controller menu of the game settings, make sure that Vibration is set to Enabled. You can even try disabling and reenabling.

Some games do not support a vibration mode. If you have a different controller with vibration, try using that one. If it does not work, the game may not have a vibration option. Also check the details of the game to see if a vibration mode is offered.

If you have tried the above solutions and nothing seems to work, the vibration motors of your device may be defective or broken. You can try replacing them.


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