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Photos Not Printing ¶ 

After severals attempt to snap a picture, Polaroid Z2300 is unable to print.

Paper Jam ¶ 

The camera is only able to hold 10 sheets of photo papers at a time. An overstuffed the paper compartment, will lead to the paper jams, as will bent or damaged paper. Be sure to check each sheet of photo paper carefully before placing it into the compartment. Clean the roller each time a print is ejected.

Damaged Film ¶ 

DO NOT rip the tab on the film of the camera. A ripped tab means the photo has been lost and will not be retrievable. This will affect your next photo, meaning the next shot will not be processed properly. Recheck the film, align everything, and then try again.

Incorrect Type of Paper ¶ 

The camera won’t accept any type of paper, so make sure to use the paper that is right for the camera. Otherwise, the picture will not be printed. Looking through the many times of photo paper available on the market may be confusing so look for the correct type required for your camera by consulting the camera’s catalog/manual/guide.

Low Battery ¶ 

If you have the correct type of papers in and you checked whether the papers are jammed or not. One more reason could cause your photos not being printed is the battery of the camera. Printing photos requires a high amount of power, and with low battery your photos won’t be printing. Always check the camera battery inductor before whether it is flushing or not because if it is flushing that’s mean the battery is about to die which may cause not printing photos.

Battery Will Not hold Charge/Camera will not Power on ¶ 

The battery was charged for several days and it remains empty/uncharged.

Faulty Battery from Manufacturer ¶ 

Many times a battery can get damaged when you store it for a long time, it could have been defective since it was manufactured or it could have been damaged when it was shipped from the manufacturer. Contact the customer support team about the issue in case it happens so they can send you another battery. (You can find how to contact customer support team by looking the the catalog which comes with camera.)

Defective Charger/Adapter ¶ 

The charger may have been defective when it was shipped from the manufacturer, or it could have been damaged. This may have been a result of the camera being dropped or involved in some other incident, that may have caused shock to the system. To identify if that's the case try to charge the camera, when you receive it and if that’s didn’t work. That’s means a new battery is required.

Damaged Battery ¶ 

Overcharging a battery may lead to its inability to hold charge. Do not leave it overnight to charge and remove it from the charger once it has reached 100%. Once the battery gets damaged you will need to get a new battery.

Incorrect Positioning ¶ 

Obstructions in the packaging, such as pieces of paper, may cause the battery to not fit properly in its compartment. If the obstructions are removed, then the battery should charge.

Flash Will Not Go Off ¶ 

The flash is not working after being set, and pictures are coming too dark.

Low Battery ¶ 

The lower the battery on the Polaroid Z2300, the more the device will overwork to keep the main features of the camera functioning. Therefore, without enough power a flash will not go off, but a lower quality picture may still be captured. Charge battery completely and then check if it discharges at a higher speed.

Broken Flash ¶ 

If the flash is broken, then the light will not go off. Consult the manufacturer’s guide as to the type of the flash the camera uses and then replace it with a new flash.

Faulty Flash ¶ 

Sometimes when you replace the flash, you may replace it with the wrong type. This can lead to malfunctioning. Consult the manufacturer’s guide for the correct type of flash, and ensure that it is inserted correctly.

The Hatch To Put In Printing Paper Won’t Open ¶ 

The hatch door is not opening to change the film.

Latch Malfunctioning ¶ 

After constant use, the components that make up the hatch will get worn out, so replacing the hatch may solve the problem. Otherwise, check for any debri such as dirt that may be clogging it, and if any bends in the hatch are causing it to be unlevel.

Springs are Loose or Misshapen ¶ 

Another wear and tear symptom you might face over time, is the springs getting loose or deformed. If that is the case, you can easily replace these components, lengthening the life of your device. You can also hold the front of the camera upwards and slide the open switch so gravity will give it an extra push to open it.

The films were placed incorrectly ¶ 

By placing the film incorrectly, the spring of the door become uneven. The switching mechanisms may also be cracked, causing it to be unattached and loose from the camera. Replacing either of these components should fix the problem.


Charged my new camera all night and it won't turn on in the morning

maegan fisher - Reply

After having several successful prints with my camera, the pictures are now printing with random lines across them and the images appear to be damaged.

Manisha Patra - Reply

There’s nothing wrong with the actual camera but the priting is a little off. I was wondering if there’s any way to reset all of the settings just Incase I accidentally moved one of the settings.

emily perez - Reply

The camera show a message “ EN sensor NG".. what is the mean?

Rocio Morocho - Reply

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