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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Polaroid PMID4312 Troubleshooting

Small touch-screen tablet that can play games, music and take pictures.

Polaroid Device Won’t Charge. ¶ 

Your tablet does not show any indication of it charging up.

Faulty Charger ¶ 

One reason for it not charging could be because of a defective charger. If that is the case then I would suggest going to a local electronic store and picking up a new one. Another factor could be that the charger is not the right size for the device. Consult the manual to find the proper charger specifications.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If the device does not charge it may be time to replace the internal battery. Follow this guide to access the internal battery.

Charging Port is Loose ¶ 

If this is happening, it is a sign that the charging port needs to be re-soldered back to the motherboard or replaced entirely. See this guide to access the charging port from inside the device. If you are new to soldering, this link is a good start.

Charging Port is Dirty ¶ 

It is possible that the device won’t charge because the port is dirty. If this is the case, the charger won't be able to make contact with the charging port and your battery will remain uncharged In this case, you could clean the port by using a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol and then carefully clean the charging port. You can also try blowing into the port or use a can of air duster to remove the debris. The can be purchased at any office supplies store.

Touch Screen Not Responding ¶ 

The touch screen on your tablet is not responding to user input.

Faulty Digitizer ¶ 

The digitizer could have been disconnected from the motherboard or need replacement. See this guide to learn more.

Software Malfunctioning ¶ 

You may need to perform a hard reset on your device to get it to function properly. (note: doing so well erase all saved data so remove any micro SD cards and back up existing data)

1. Select "Settings" from the Apps screen.

2. Select "Backup & reset"

3. Select "Factory data reset"

Internal Memory Is Full ¶ 

You try to download new apps or songs, but are unable to because the device tells you that the internal memory is full even though the total memory used is still less than the total memory of the SD-card.

Internal Memory Card Full ¶ 

Polaroid tablet can be used to file photos, songs, apps, etc. Internal memory or the internal SD-card is the place where everything gets filed first. Files such as apps, can be filed only in the internal memory. Standard SD-cards have a memory of 8 GB in which 4.48 GB is used from the operating system. In order to have more available memory to store more apps, you can replace it with a 16 GB internal memory card. Follow this guide to access the internal SD card

Formatting Error ¶ 

Sometimes the internal and external SD-cards need to be formatted. You can format your internal SD-card by formatting your device. To format the external memory card, you will need to do it via a laptop or a PC.

External SD-Card Not Inserted ¶ 

Most of the files like songs, photos, documents, etc. can be filed in an external memory card. If you manage your files and put some of them in the external SD-card, it will increase the available space of your internal SD-card. If you micro SD- card slot doesn’t work, try to use the USB cable to store some of your files in your computer or laptop.

Sound Quality Issues ¶ 

The sound quality is bad or no sound comes out at all from your tablet.

Volume Turned Off ¶ 

Always check that the sound is turned on before assuming that something is broken. If the volume does not change when the volume buttons are pressed, then the buttons may be malfunctioning and may need to be cleaned internally. Follow this guide to open the device in order to clean it.

Firmware Issues ¶ 

If the speakers stop working after you have performed a download or an update, then this may have caused the speakers to stop working. You may have to restore the tablet to a previously saved setting or restore it to factory settings.

Damaged Speakers ¶ 

If the speakers are not working because of physical damage, they may need to be replaced. Follow this guide in order to replace the speakers.


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