PlayStation Troubleshooting

PlayStation won’t turn on ¶ 

First, ensure that the power cord is properly connected both at the back of the device and at the wall socket. If the problem persists, try powering the PlayStation from another power outlet. If the device still does not turn on, you may have a faulty power cord or may need to replace the Power Supply.

PlayStation suddenly resets itself during play ¶ 

This may be the result of a faulty power cord or a loose power socket. (The power socket is the connection at the back of the device that receives the power cord). Repairing the power socket is possible, but may require soldering. Since other components can be damaged during soldering, we recommend replacing the entire Power Supply.

No image on TV ¶ 

Make sure the video cables are connected properly to your television and ensure that the correct video input and channel are selected on your TV. If the TV still shows no image, the Logic Board may be the problem and should be replaced.

Game does not load, skips, or freezes ¶ 

Dirty or damaged game disc ¶ 

Try playing a different game. If a different game plays normally, the first disc is likely dirty, scratched, or has label damage. If the disc is dirty, clean it with a soft lint-free cloth and try the game again. If there are scratches, they can likely repaired with a CD scratch repair kit. (CD scratch repair kits are sold by most electronic stores and are relatively inexpensive). If there is damage on the label side of the disc, it cannot be repaired.

Dirty lens ¶ 

Dust may have accumulated on the lens, making it difficult for proper reading of the game disc. If the lens needs to be cleaned, use a cotton swab and a proper lens cleaning solution that can be found in any electronic store.

Broken spindle hub ¶ 

The spindle hub is used to hold the game disc firmly to the spindle assembly. If the spindle hub breaks, the game disc will slip as it spins and the laser will not be able to properly read the game disc. The spindle hub can be replaced, but exchanging the entire Optical Drive will be a much easier fix.

Faulty optical drive ¶ 

Game loading errors, skipping, and freezing often result from a faulty optical drive. Some symptoms include:

  • No spinning or abnormal spinning of the game disc
  • Loud tracking noises
  • Failure of the laser to move along its track

If your device encounters any of these problems, you should replace the Optical Drive

Controller not responding or is not found ¶ 

What type of controller are you using? ¶ 

There are three different controllers Sony has created for the PlayStation. The first did not have the dual analog feature (the two joysticks). It was not until the second controller was released that the dual analog feature was incorporated. The third controller is the dual shock controller that provides a force feedback (vibrates to stimulate game play).

Many times a controller that is not read or is non-responsive is a result of playing a game that is not compatible with the dual analog or the dual shock controller. So before blaming the controller port, verify that the game being played supports the controller you are using.

Also, controllers that are sold by outside companies (not Sony made) may encounter problems because many of them incorporate new features and multiple functions.

Faulty controller port ¶ 

If the proper controller is being used and it is still not responsive or if the message "controller not found" is given, then the problem is most likely a faulty Controller Port and replacing it will be necessary.

Memory card not read ¶ 

Try using the memory card in another console. If the other console is also not able to read the memory card, then the memory card is most likely the problem. If the other console does read the memory card, then the Controller Port is the problem and will need to be replaced.


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I have a Playstation one mini and it powers on and the game comes up but the picture on the screen almost looks as if it's on the wrong channel but it's not. Can't find any information on youtube or anywhere about this to see if it can be fixed. does anyone know how to fix a ps1 mini with a garbled picture screen.

Mike Williams - Reply

I have a PlayStation on and when I start it up, a grey screen with two boxes come up. One of them is clearly some kind o settings for my memory card and the other is some sort of music maker, early GarageBand thing. I can't get out of it and it comes up whether there is a disk in there or not or if there is a memory card in there or not. What do I do?

Liam Wright - Reply