PlayStation 4 Troubleshooting

PS4 Will Not Turn On ¶ 

Issues with getting it on? No fear, we are here.

Blinking Blue Light ¶ 

Below we have a troubleshooting section for PS4s that are facing the blue light of death , that may help if this is the problem (see Blue Light).

Issue With Outlet ¶ 

Sometimes there is an issue with the outlet and not your PS4, try plugging your console into another outlet after unplugging all of the cables and re-plugging them into the console.

Continued Problems ¶ 

If the above solutions do not help contact Sony and inform them of the issue (link below).

Sony PlayStation Support

PS4 Will Not Eject Disk ¶ 

Try Ejecting From The Main Menu ¶ 

If the eject button on the front of your PS4 will not work, try using the eject option by holding down the options button and selecting the item from the menu named eject disk.

Force Eject ¶ 

As a last resort, it is possible to remove the disk by disassembling the system and force ejecting it, the step-by-step instructions can be found on Sony's site in the link below.

Step-by-Step Force Eject

PS4 Freezes ¶ 

During Installation Of Games ¶ 

During the instillation of certain games there have been reported issues with freezing. If this is the case, try holding down the power button for 7 seconds and then rebooting the system and restarting the instillation. In some rare cases, issues with the disc may cause this problem and if this is the case, contact the store you purchased it from.

Firmware Malfunctions ¶ 

If your system continues to freeze, there may be an issue with the firmware, if this is the situation follow these steps: Download system firmware from Sony's website onto a usb flash drive(website link found below), Create a folder on your flash drive named PS4, within this folder create another folder named UPDATE, and within that folder place the recently downloaded file (PS4<update<firmware download), Turn PS4 off and turn it on in safe mode (hold power button for 7 seconds until you hear two beeps), select update system software, and follow the steps on screen.

PS4 Will Not Output Video ¶ 

Can't see anything on your screen? Check this out.

Issue With HDMI ¶ 

First make sure that the HDMI cable is correctly plugged into both your television and the console. There have been a small percentage of consoles that have reported faulty HDMI ports. If this seems to be the case, contact Sony about a warranty claim. (Sony's support page can be found at the bottom of troubleshooting, under faulty hardware section)

Improper Resolution ¶ 

In some cases the television may not be able to support 1080p. In this case, turn off the PS4 and press the power button for 7 seconds until you hear two beeps, connect the controller to the console by USB port and press the PS button on the controller, and select change resolution from the menu.

Issue With TV ¶ 

Try connecting your console to another television, sometimes there is an issue with the television, not your PS4.

Blue Light ¶ 

If your system is displaying a blue blinking light on the top of your console, don't toss it yet.

Faulty Power Supply ¶ 

If there is a possible issue with the power supply press the power button for 7 seconds until the system beeps twice. Disconnect the AC power cord from the electrical outlet. Check for damage to the power cord or port. Next follow our Power Supply Replacement Guide.

Faulty Hard Drive ¶ 

Issues due to the hard drive can be solved by first turning off the system by holding the power button for 7 seconds until you hear a double beep. Disconnect the power cord and all other cables from the system. Next follow our Hard Drive Replacement Guide.

Faulty Hardware ¶ 

If there are any other issues with your system, contact Sony for a warranty claim by clinking this link.

Sony PlayStation Support


Lightning strike outside last night and knocked out all the power before I could turn my system off. Once it passed I tried to turn the system on , but it will only come on and cut back off. Solution please.

willie smallwood - Reply

System keeps ejecting disc and try to when no disc in fix please

tannerkevin29 - Reply

My ps4 will come on for about 5 minutes and will shut down due to overheating. If I try to turn it back on it would shut itself off right away under the same fault. Could it be the power supply not energizing the fan???

Jeffrey Gonzalez - Reply

my machine is not accessing inrtenal hard drive

suleiman hadji chota - Reply

after beeps it's turning off automatically

suleiman hadji chota - Reply

I opened my PS4 launched a game it stuck in the main screen and now I want to turn it off and it stuck for five minutes saying it is preparing to turn off please help

George Andrianakis - Reply

I am experiencing spontaneous disc ejection and inability to insert disc. The PS4 repeatedly makes noises as if it is trying to accept or eject a disc.

Additionally, my PS4 will automatically turn itself on after I have closed all applications and shut down the device as recommended.

Sandy Wadding - Reply

Same, i don't know a fix but the problem as far as i can tell is there is a pin that slips down to hold discs in but it went down with no disc in preventing disc entrance

Suran Suran -

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