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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

PiPo Smart S1 Troubleshooting

The Smart PIPO S1 Tablet won’t turn on: ¶ 

You can’t get your tablet to turn on

Charge the device ¶ 

The battery of the device may have been out of charge, Try recharging it before doing any other action.

Dead Battery ¶ 

The battery of the device may be dead and cannot be recharged. You have to replace the battery by following the battery replacement guide instructions.

Bad Display Screen ¶ 

The display screen is the reason you can’t turn on the device and it doesn’t look like working. Follow the guide instructions to replace the display screen.

The camera is not working ¶ 

The camera is not working and you can’t take videos or pictures.

Restart the device ¶ 

The camera freeze and is not responding to the commands. Try restarting your device before doing any other action.

Replace the camera ¶ 

The camera needs to be replaced. Follow the guide instructions to replace the camera.

The device is not charging ¶ 

You can’t get your device to charge.

Make sure the charger is connected properly to the device ¶ 

The charger insert may be not pushed all the way in, something might be stuck inside try to clean the charging port.

Make sure the charger is original ¶ 

Chargers that are not genuine may provide different voltage and current and the device is programmed to receive certain rand of volts and amps due to safety to protect the internal components from burning and or exploding. Use only certified original chargers even if you are not having charging issues.

Replace the charging port ¶ 

The connector might be eroded due to age or friction so try a new charger.

Tablet cannot connect to Wi-Fi ¶ 

The tablet is not connecting to the Wi-Fi router.

Make sure Wi-Fi module is open in settings ¶ 

The Wi-Fi may be turned off in the mode setting. Turn on the Wi-Fi n order to connect to the Wi-Fi router.

Replace Wi-Fi antenna ¶ 

The Wi-Fi antenna may be damaged. Replace the Wi-Fi antenna by following the guide instructions.

The screen is still dark after unlock ¶ 

You can’t see anything but black screen when you think your device is turned on.

Start by checking the brightness setting ¶ 

Sometimes you adjust the brightness to low earlier specially at night and forget about it and that would cause a dark screen in the morning.

The software and the screen may not be debugged well ¶ 

There are some software that are not compliant with screen output and resolutions, and that might be causing your problem, so quit the program and check if the screen come back to normal.

Your LCD may be not original ¶ 

Screens that are not original can be of poor quality and thus may become defective by internal shortcut. If that is the case, replace it with an original LCD screen.

Your LCD may have been damaged ¶ 

Your device may have fallen earlier and become damaged and that’s cause it not to display anything. Replace your broken screen with an original LCD screen.

The capacitor on FPC screen or on screen display circuit on the motherboard may be defective. Although it is rare it can happen, you need to open the device and replace the capacitor with the matching capacitor.


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