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An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Pentax Optio WG-3 GPS Troubleshooting

  • The battery is not installed properly
  • The battery is not installed in the device
  • The batteries are dead and the device needs to be charged
  • Make sure the battery is in the compartment, installed correctly, and that the battery is charged
  • The Brightness level on the screen is too dark
  • The power saving function is on
  • Adjust the Brightness level in the settings menu
  • If the power saving function is on, the screen will get dark after an allotted amount of time, if this happens, touch any button to wake up the screen (to turn off the power saving function, go to the settings menu, select "Power Saving", and select off
  • The object might be too far away for the flash to take effect on the picture/video being taken
  • Pictures and video becomes dark when the object being captured is too far away. The flash should intensify when the camera is within the specified flash range
  • Flash is turned off
  • The camera is in a mode where the flash does not go off when the picture/video is being taken
  • Make sure the flash is on
  • Make sure you're in the correct mode that sets off the flash when taking a picture/video
  • The object is too difficult to focus on with the auto-focus option
  • The object is not within the focusing range
  • Set the focus to manual and set your desired focus
  • Locate another object near the object you are trying to capture and when the screen focuses, press the shutter button halfway down, aim at the desired object, and finish pushing the shutter button all the way down
  • The flash is charging
  • There is no available space left on the SD card
  • The camera is in record mode
  • Wait until the flash charges
  • Replace the SD card with one that has available space
  • Wait until recording is finished, switch out of recording mode


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