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Your Parrot Flypad will not establish a connection to your smart device.

Caution: In this tutorial, I’m using Parrot Airborne Cargo as a model for this

presentation. This tutorial might be applied for minidrones which are in the same

category such as Swing, Mambo, Airborne Night, and the Hydrofoil hybrid.

Via a Computer

1. Power on the Parrot Airborne Cargo and wait until the lights (eyes) turn green.

2. Hit <enter> to insert another list item, and <enter> twice in a row to end the list. To get subitems, repeat the bullet character once for each level of indent you want (e.g.) Connect the drone to your computer using a USB/micro- USB cable (provided). Wait

until the drone’s “right-eye” light is a steady green.

3. Go to Parrot Community’s support page at

4. Locate and click on the minidrone that you’re having.

5. Under DOWNLOADS, click Software update to download the latest update file. DO


Block Image

6. Drag and drop the update file into Parrot Airborne Cargo as though it were a USB

Flash drive. The update file must be placed at the root of the drone and not in a folder.

-The lights flash while the update file is being transferred.

-Once the transfer is complete, the right-eye light remains green, and the left-eye


7. Safely disconnect and remove the Parrot Airborne Cargo from your computer.

>Installation begins. The lights alternately flash orange with increasing rapidity. Do not

remove the battery from while the update installation is in progress.

8. The installation is complete when the lights turn green.

Via Wi-Fi

1. Follow the above steps to connect the Parrot Airborne Cargo to your smart

device via Bluetooth.

2. In FreeFlight Mini, tap on the three gray lines:

Block Image

then tap "Check for updates".

3. Follow the on-screen direction to download updates.

Your Flypad is losing connection during use.

Typically, Parrot Flypads have a 6 hr. better life. However, batteries may be low on either device. If the batteries are low, the devices will not connect to one another. Make sure to check batteries before using. Instructions on how to charge the Parrot Flypad can be found below.

Parrot Flypad Remote Control has a range up to 196 feet (60 meters). Make sure drone and controller are within effective range.

If other solutions above do not work, simply turn off controller and drone including Bluetooth from smartphone. Wait ten seconds before turning everything back on. After ten seconds, turn on the Flypad and smartphone’s Bluetooth. Open the “FreeFlight Mini” app and phone should automatically connect to the controller (Flypad should be a steady green if connected). Place drone on a flat surface with propellers facing up and turn on. On app, wait till there is a green dot next to drone’s name as well as a green dot next to the Flypad icon. This indicates that the Flypad is connected to drone and user is ready to take off.

The joystick cannot direct minidrones properly.

Either joystick can have sticky build up causing a rotation malfunction. Follow the Joystick Replacement guide steps for a dirt-free joystick.

There is a possibility that the joystick might have been broken or bent due to excessive pressure while flying. If that is the issue, look at our Joystick Replacement guide to see how you can fix the problem.

Device is not responding or displaying any signs of activity.

1. Use micro-USB cable to connect to Parrot Flypad’s micro-USB port.

2. Join the USB port to a USB power adapter or computer. While device is charging, the LED light will display the color red. This indicates that the device is currently charging, and has not finished yet. Charge time is an estimated 2 hours.

A fully charged Flypad device will remain active for approximately 6 hours before it needs to be charged again.


I think the joystick on my controller is damaged. It says on this website to check the joystick replacement guide. Where do I find this?

Kendra Merryweather - Reply

I think the joystick is damaged. It says on this website to check the joystick replacement guide. Where do I find this?

Kendra Merryweather - Reply

After successfully paired the drone, with smartphone and flypad, I made some test flights, all good.

Next day, Tha Flypad, does not connect with the app Free Flight mini from the smartphone. The drone works either by phone or by flypad. But all 3 toghether not anymore. Any ideas?

Jessy James - Reply

It flashes green where it say Parrot on my flight pad rapidly. It will not connect to the drone. What can I do to fix?

Melissa Bailey - Reply

Flypad won’t turn on.

No indicator light even it is connected to a computer. LED light is off.

antzzzz2004 - Reply

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