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Buttons Stick ¶ 

Device buttons get stuck often and are difficult to push out.

Pinch roller being stuck ¶ 

The solution could lie in the pinch roller, which is a device that pushes the cassette into place in order to function properly. Push the pinch roller back to alleviate mechanical locking that occurs. If this fails to fix the problem, the user should consider replacing the pinch roller altogether.

Sticky Liquid Spilled onto Buttons ¶ 

To fix this problem, clean exterior of buttons with a damp rag. If this does not work, remove buttons carefully and clean the place where buttons used to be with a damp rag.

Link to button repair guide:

Button Repair

Cassette Door Does not Open ¶ 

The cassette door will sometimes get stuck and fail to open.

Damaged Drive Belt ¶ 

The belt may be stuck and simply turning it by hand could fix this problem. If your drive belt is damaged beyond the point that manually turning it is impossible, then the best option is to simply replace the belt with a new one.

Locked from Extended/Harsh Use ¶ 

Carefully pry open cassette door with a small flat blade screwdriver. Another method could be to push various buttons to release any additional locking mechanisms that may have become stuck due to extended/harsh use.

Link to Cassette Holder Spring repair guide:

Cassette Holder Spring Repair Guide

Cassette Player will not Power on ¶ 

The cassette player fails to power on.

Dead Battery ¶ 

Remove battery door and check for damage to the four C batteries. If no damage is visible, remove batteries and replace with new ones. If no replacements are available, try removing dead batteries and reinstall to make sure they were placed properly.

Link to battery replacement guide:

Battery Replacement Guide

Faulty AC Adapter ¶ 

Check the AC adapter to ensure that it is properly plugged into the outlet and device. If the device does not work when adapter is plugged in, then the adapter is damaged and either needs to be replaced or plugged into a different outlet.

Buzzing/Clicking Sound Occurs when Playing back Tapes ¶ 

Buzzing or clicking sound can be heard when playing tapes.

Device Aging ¶ 

The device could be suffering from normal wear. The solution to this could be checking all power connections, checking for dust build up inside outlets and the device. If the problem still persists, the speaker may need to be replaced.

Battery Leakage ¶ 

The battery could break and leak into the main board of the device, causing a clicking/buzzing sound. Clean the board or any affected areas with petrol and a damp rag. Avoid cleaning areas that are not affected by leakage with the petrol as this can further damage the device.

Tape gets Stuck when put into Device ¶ 

The cassette may get stuck when put into the device for use.

Damaged Drive Belt ¶ 

Check to make sure that the drive belt isn't damaged. If the belt is broken it could cause the cassette to get stuck. The best way to get rid of this issue is to replace the drive belt with a new one.

Broken Spindle ¶ 

Check to ensure that the spindle on the device is not lodged in the tape. If the spindle causes the cassettes to keep getting stuck, take apart the device and replace the spindles with new ones. Also, the issue could occur if one is using the wrong type of cassette for the device.


my play button wont stay down but this thing is brand new its only happening when i record or when i play back re-recorded audio

xinbone - Reply

My play button presses down but doesn't work My ff and rewind work perfectly fine Please help me

Rochelle Weiss -

My play button stays down but doesnt move. My ff and rewind button work perfectly. Can anyone give me a


Rochelle Weiss -

My Panasonic RQ-2102, the play head is stuck in the forward play position (won’t return back to the off position) all the buttons are off. And I don’t know where the release leaver is at. I removed the top cover and removed the play head unit to rotate up side down, but still can’t find the release lever. Thanks. Robert.

Robert Price - Reply

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