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Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH20 Troubleshooting

This is a troubleshooting guide for the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH20.

LCD Screen is Cracked ¶ 

The screen has a crack in it.

Cracked Your LCD Screen by Dropping the Camera ¶ 

If your camera turns on as normal and the only problem is that the screen is cracked, follow this repair guide to fix your LCD screen.

LCD Screen Will Not Show Display ¶ 

When you turn the camera on but the screen is black.

Camera is Dead ¶ 

Make sure the battery is charged. If it isn't, plug the camera in and wait until it is fully charged.

LCD Screen is Broken ¶ 

Make sure the camera is turned on. If the screen still does not show the display, follow this repair guide.

Camera Won’t Power On ¶ 

You flip the power switch to on and nothing happens.

Battery is Dead ¶ 

The battery might need to be charged. Plug the camera in and let it charge completely. Then try to power on again by pushing the power button.

Screen Problem ¶ 

If the camera will extend its lense and can light up, but the screen is black, there might be a screen problem. Please refer to the LCD Screen Will Not Show Display.

Cracked Camera Lens ¶ 

The camera lens has a crack in it.

Dropped Your Camera and Broke the Lens ¶ 

If the lens is cracked, refer to this replacement guide.

Flash Isn't Firing ¶ 

When a picture is taken, the flash won't go off.

Flash is on Auto ¶ 

If the flash is on automatic mode, then the camera determines if the flash goes off or not based on the lighting. Make sure to set flash to on, not auto.

Flash is Broken ¶ 

If the flash won't go off, and you've checked to make sure it's on, the bulb is broken. Please refer to this replacement guide.


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