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Panasonic KX-TGA600M Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you identify problems with your Panasonic KX-TGA600M.

Phone Not Charging ¶ 

While on the charging dock, the phone screen does not say charging nor is the indicator lit up orange.

Faulty Power Cord ¶ 

Make sure that the charging dock's power cord is plugged into a working outlet. If the power cord is plugged in and the outlet is working, the power cord is faulty. Think about buying a replacement power cord.

Faulty Charger ¶ 

If you double checked that the power cord is plugged into a working outlet and you have purchased a replacement power cord and it still is not working, your phone charging dock is faulty. The charging dock will need to be repaired or replaced.

Buttons Are Getting Stuck ¶ 

Buttons stick into the phone when you press them.

Keypad is Dirty ¶ 

The most likely problem is the area around the buttons is clogged with dirt. Use a small wet wipe and your nail to trace around the edges of the buttons. If that didn't work, take a small object such as a pin to scrape out any remaining residue.

Bad Buttons ¶ 

If you have cleaned around the buttons with a wet wipe and/or a pin and the buttons are still getting stuck, consider replacing the buttons.

Phone Screen Not Lighting Up ¶ 

The backlight on your phone screen doesn’t light up or respond in any way.

Dead Battery ¶ 

The battery in the back of your phone may be dead. Try replacing the phone battery first.

Faulty Screen ¶ 

If you have replaced the phone battery and your phone screen is still not lighting up, it may not be damaged. Consider replacing your screen.

Speaker Not Letting Sound Through ¶ 

The fully charged phone's speaker is not producing any sound when pressing buttons.

Faulty Wiring ¶ 

The wiring to the speaker may be faulty, refer to our speaker replacement guide to ensure the wiring is correct.

Faulty Speaker ¶ 

If the wiring looks correct the speaker is faulty. Refer to our speaker replacement guide for instructions.

Buttons Not Making Sounds When Dialing ¶ 

Pressing a button doesn't make a sound through the phone speaker.

Refer to our Buttons Are Getting Stuck section and/or Speaker Not Letting Sound Through section.


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