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Panasonic HC‑VX870 Troubleshooting

Battery Draining Quickly ¶ 

My battery is running out faster than it is supposed to.

Charge It ¶ 

The battery may not be fully charged. Charge the battery again to ensure it is fully charged.

Temperature ¶ 

The battery may not last as long if the camera is being used in a cold place. The problem should go away once the camera has been moved to a warming setting, and given some time (about 5 minutes) to warm up.

Old Battery ¶ 

If the previous two fixes don't work the battery is probably at the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced. Replace the battery and the problem should go away.

Device Won't Turn On ¶ 

My camera is not turning on no matter what I do.

Replace the Battery ¶ 

The battery might have died, and needs to be replaced. Replace the battery with a fully charged one and try turning the device on again.

Corrupted SD card ¶ 

The SD card might have been corrupted. Replace the SD card with a new, correctly formatted one and try turning on the device again.

Broken Power Button ¶ 

The power button on the device may have broken. Replace the button and try turning on the device again.

SD Card Not Being Recognized ¶ 

"My device won't recognize the SD card I'm using, so it won't let me record."

Incorrect SD Card ¶ 

The camera only works with certain types of SD cards. An up to date list of compatible SD cards can be found at this website.

Format the SD Card ¶ 

The SD card may not be formatted correctly. Format the SD card on the device by going through the menu: SETUP>FORMAT MEDIA>[SD CARD]/[HDD]. Once the formatting has been completed (a pop-up window will tell you that the process is finished) press EXIT to get back to the main menu. The SD card should now be fully formatted. This device will not work with SD cards that have been previously formatted for another use.

Write-protect is Enabled on the SD Card ¶ 

If the A (write-protect) switch on the SD card is enabled it will prevent the camera from transferring any data to it. Simply flip the switch back, and check to see if the SD card is being recognized.

SD card is broken ¶ 

When SD cards are exposed to electrical shocks, bending, dropping, dust, large temperatures changes, damp environments, dusty environments, or high temperatures they may break. If this occurs you will need to use a new SD card.

Device Stopped Recording ¶ 

"My device will stop recording when I don't want it to."

Incorrect SD Card ¶ 

Using the incorrect type or incorrectly formatted SD card may cause your device to stop recording after a few seconds. Replace the SD card or use the device to format the SD card.

Device Turns Off When the T.V. is Turned Off ¶ 

"If my camera is connected to the T.V. and I turn the T.V. off using the remote control my camera will also turn off without me wanting it to."

While connected to the T.V. the VIERA link is at work, so if you don't want to use it you can turn it off by setting [VIERA LINK] to [OFF]. Guide


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