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Panasonic DMC-FC70 Troubleshooting

Panasonic DMC-FZ70, released in 2013. Contains a 16.1 megapixel resolution with dimensions 5.1in x 3.8in x 5.7in.

Camera does not turn on ¶ 

When the power button is pressed, the camera is unresponsive

Dead battery ¶ 

Your battery may be dead and in need of charging. Take the battery out of the camera and put into the charger. After a few hours, put the battery back into the camera and try to turn it on again.

Incorrectly installed battery ¶ 

The camera will not turn on if the battery is incorrectly oriented. Remove the battery and make sure that it is not backwards when you put it back in.

Broken motherboard ¶ 

If the battery is charged and correctly inserted the problem may be that the motherboard is broken, so you will need to replace it using this guide.

Camera does not have any audio ¶ 

Recorded videos have no sound when played back or there are no beep sounds

Volume is disabled ¶ 

Press the MENU/SET button then select the Setup menu icon. Using this menu, you can adjust the volume from 0 to 6 under Speaker Volume. Using the same setup menu, you can also change the volume of the beeps from mute/low/high.

Image has irregularities in it ¶ 

Pictures have spots or blurry sections in them

Outer lens contains dust or contaminants ¶ 

The exterior lens often times accumulates dust and other debris that distort the image. With a soft micro cloth and some clean water, gently wipe away any particles that might be on the lens. If cleaning the lens does not remove the spots in the image or improve the resolution, the inner image sensor might be the one contaminated.

Viewfinder is broken ¶ 

If the image is inconsistent when compared to the LCD screen, or if it's just black through the viewfinder, it's likely that it is broken. To replace the viewfinder, follow this guide here.

Camera doesn't connect to computer ¶ 

The camera is unable to upload pictures on to the computer

Dead battery ¶ 

If the battery is dead, the camera wouldn't be able to respond to the connections. Be sure that the battery is fully charged.

Wrong port on the computer ¶ 

Be sure that the camera is completely connected to the correct port on the computer.

LCD monitor is not turning on ¶ 

The LCD screen is unresponsive or not displaying any images

Dead battery ¶ 

Be sure that your battery is fully charged otherwise the camera will be unresponsive.

Viewfinder display setting is on ¶ 

If you are trying to take a picture through the LCD screen but the image is not showing, your camera maybe set for viewfinder display. Press LVF button and switch to LCD monitor display.

Broken LCD screen ¶ 

If all other functions of the camera are working, your LCD screen is broken. Follow the repair guide to replace your LCD screen.

Lens fail to extend ¶ 

Lens won't extend

Malfunctioned device software ¶ 

Resetting the camera to its original factory settings can be enough to resolve any bugs you might come across. To reset to factory settings, press MENU/SET. Then press </> to select the "Setup" menu, followed by the MENU/SET button. Select reset and then press MENU/SET. A menu will appear, select "yes" and then press MENU/SET.

Camera won’t zoom or focus ¶ 

When the you try to zoom with the camera, it only shows a message called system error

System Error Zoom, System Error Focus, System Error Lens ¶ 

If one of these messages appear on your camera, sometimes it might just be an error with the camera instead of one of its parts. Remove the battery for 60 seconds and then reinstall it into the system.

Back panel or the back buttons are damaged ¶ 

The back panel and its buttons can be damaged, or worn down from excessive use

Broken panel/buttons ¶ 

If either of these parts are cracked, then replacement becomes necessary. To reach and replace the back panel, follow the repair guide here.


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