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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

PanDigital SuperNova Troubleshooting

Released October 2011, It is identified as model number R80B452

Device screen is not displaying images correctly or at all, but you know the power is on.

First, make sure the battery is completely charged.

If the battery is charged to 100% and it is still not working correctly, you will need to restart your device. If the screen still does not display images properly, you may need to replace your screen.

If you can check the brightness adjuster to make sure brightness is all the way up.

Check all other display settings, to make sure they are set correctly.

After exhausting all above options, you may need to replace the LCD screen or backlight.

Battery drains quickly, has issues keeping a charge, and or the device will not charge at all.

Check to make sure power jack is not damaged, if it is damaged you will need to replace the power jack. If not damaged make sure everything is properly connected.

2, If everything is properly connected and there is no visible damage and the issue continues to occur you may have a faulty power jack that may need to be replaced.

1st try to reset the device. 2nd plug in your device to a charging port, 3rd check to see if battery icon is on display and lit up when charging. 4th charge to you are at 100% if battery will not reach the 100% charging mark, and drains quickly the battery may need to be replaced.

Front Facing camera is not displaying any picture or the picture is distorted from the users intended plan

Look at the lens of the front facing camera and see if it is dirty or not. If it is dirty get a micro fiber piece of cloth and wipe the lens carefully.

It’s possible that your software is not updated with the latest version go to settings to make sure that you have the latest software.

After cleaning the lens if the camera is showing a picture but is still distorted in some way the lens may be cracked and will need to be replaced.


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