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Oster BLSTSS-PZO Troubleshooting

A die-cast 10 speed blender manufactured by Oster.

Blender will not turn on ¶ 

When you try to turn on the blender, it will not power on.

Electrical cord failure ¶ 

Blender electrical cord is too loose and will not work. Ensure the cord is plugged in, and ensure the electrical outlet being used has power.

Tripped Breaker ¶ 

If the blender still will not power on, check your homes circuit breaker for tripped breaker.

Motherboard failure ¶ 

After you have tried all the above, if it still doesn’t power on, you may need to replace the motherboard. See (This manual) for motherboard replacement.

Blender blades will not rotate ¶ 

The blender is powered on but the blades do not rotate.

Stuck blades ¶ 

Large chunks of food may get stuck under the blades creating enough friction to stop the blades from spinning. Ensure blender is not plugged in and check the blade assembly and thoroughly wash the blender.

Overfilled container ¶ 

Remove food and/or liquid and try again with less ingredients. More than 16 ounces in one die cast blender creates excess drag.

Faulty gear shaft ¶ 

The main motor gear may have been stripped and will not rotate. This may need a full gear and motor replacement. See (This manual) for gear and motor replacement.

Leaky blender ¶ 

Liquid escapes from blender during use.

Broken Glass ¶ 

If liquid escapes from the jar itself, a new jar will have to be purchased.

A new jar can be found at

Misplaced/worn seal ring ¶ 

Check the sealing rings under jar by unscrewing jar from the base. Blades will come out when jar is unscrewed. If the sealing is misplaced adjust rings to proper placement. If rings are worn, they need to be replaced.

Replacement rings can be found at

Rusted blades ¶ 

Visible rust on blades

Blades exposed to water for long periods of time ¶ 

If a blender is in water for extended time, like a dishwasher or sink, it is possible the blades have rusted. Do not attempt to use these rusted blades. A full blade replacement is necessary.

Replacement blades can be found at


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