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The phone does not power on even after holding the power button.

Make sure that there is enough charge on the battery to power the device. If the device does not have enough charge, plug the device into the charger. If the device is not powering on, then the battery might need to be replaced.

If you plug the device into the charger, and there is no visible sign (the LED on the top right does not light up red) that the battery is charging, the microUSB charging cable could be defective. If the device is still not charging with another cable, then the micro USB port might need to be replaced.

The phone may not turn on because the display screen has been damaged in some way, i.e phone was dropped, exposed to water, cracked screen. If the display screen was damaged, it may need to be replaced.

The files and data on the SD card are not appearing on the phone.

Try removing the SD card and making sure that it is being inserted in the correct manner into the phone. If available, another SD card may be used to ensure that it is the phone and not the card causing problems. If not, your SD card may be defective and unreadable

After ensuring that the SD card was properly inserted, reformatting the card to NTFS format could help, as certain formats are not recognized by the phone and could be why the files can't be read.

Pictures taken on the phone are blurry, or the phone has a hard time focusing the camera.

There is glass covering the camera so make sure to wipe the lens with a microfiber cloth, or other lens cleaner, to remove any dirt or residue. This will make sure that the lens is not taking a picture of the dirt on the glass. Having any dirt or grime on the glass could be why photos come out blurry or distorted.

Make sure that your operating software is up to date. Go to Settings > About Phone > System Update > Check For Update. If your software is outdated, make sure to update it. Software updates could be the cause for the camera taking poor quality photos.

Sometimes the camera app on the phone may act up, affecting how the camera takes pictures. By simply forcing the app to stop may solve the problem. You may force stop the phone by going into Settings>Applications>Select All and find the camera application. Once on the camera app's "App Info," click the buttons "Clear Data," "Clear Defaults" and then "Force Stop." The app might be unresponsive, causing the camera app to not work.

The battery life on the phone after a full charge is short, it dies quickly, or won't hold a charge.

Make sure that your phone's operating system is up to date. Go to Setting > About Phone > System Update > Check For Update. Update the software if it is outdated. Outdated software has been known to cause battery problems, and might be why the battery charge does not last long.

If you have many applications opened, they will continue to run in the background using data and battery which will cause your phone to die quicker. Be sure to close any unused apps often so that they are not using up battery. If possible, consider switching data off when not using the phone. Having too many apps running may be the reason your battery is draining so quickly.

When using your fingers to touch the screen or the buttons, there is no response or feedback from the phone.

Using a soft cloth (microfiber works well), wipe the the screen to remove any dirt or residue on the screen which may cause it to not register touch.

If the phone is still unresponsive to touch from your fingers, try using a stylus to see if it registers any sort of user input. If the stylus is not working, there might be a problem with the digitizer which might have to be replaced.

If the phone still remains unresponsive to any sort of user interface, whether from your fingers or a stylus, you may need to change the digitizer on the screen.

When using the phone, system sounds or music is not audible from the speakers.

Use the volume buttons on the right-hand side of the phone to turn the volume all the way up, it is possible that your phone might be muted.

If you have any auxiliary cables or headphones connected to the audio jack, make sure to unplug them. You might not be able to use the speakers because of those peripherals.

If your phone is not playing music, try playing different files/songs or using an app like YouTube. It is possible that some of the files on your phone are corrupted and unplayable.


How to I replace the digitizer

suresh kumar - Reply

My phone back flash light is keep on in on, unable to turn off, it happen when the phone is a accidently fall down.., I am unable to find the short circuit in board..

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hi, my one plusx is not getting on its just showing the logo and not getting started

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Google play services is not working in my one plus x

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hi, my one plusx is not getting on its just showing the logo and not getting started

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