Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

When the power button is pushed the tablet does not power on.

Check to make sure the outlets is working, plug in the adapter, if tablet still do

not power on then you might consider replacing the charging adapter.

Carefully remove the four screws that hold the back casing and check to make sure

your power button is not sticking or is not making contact with

the powering switch that is connected to the circuit board.

If the home button needs to be replaced, view this guide.

Onda VI10 has broken screen

Check if the tablet powers on

Remove any screen protectors to reveal full extent of damage

- If screen is cracked, refer to the replacement guide here.

Onda VI10 speaker does not produce sound

Play anything with sound, if still not working, you may consider replacing the speaker

- Refer to this guide on how to purchase and replace the speaker

Buttons on the Onda VI10 are sticking or unresponsive or dislodged

1. If possible remove debris with toothpick

2. If buttons are still stuck, use an Air Duster can to blow out the buttons.

3. If buttons still stick, remove the back casing and use this guide on how to clean

the buttons.

- If buttons are still unresponsive, see technician or refer to this guide on how to replace the buttons on the VI10.


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