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Olympus Tough TG-3 Troubleshooting

Camera fails to power on when pressing the power button.

Open the battery/card compartment and check to make sure a battery is installed. If you do not have a battery installed, insert one and check to see if the camera will power on.

Check the battery to make sure it is fully charged. If not, charge the device for at least an hour and check to see if the camera will power on.

If the camera still does not turn on, you may have a faulty battery. You may need to purchase a new battery.

Camera will not save pictures or shows that memory is full.

Check Card compartment and make sure a memory card is inserted. If not, insert a card and attempt to take a picture again.

If the camera still states the memory is full, erase unwanted pictures on the card after downloading pictures to the computer.

Trouble seeing the display on the screen.

Condensation may have occurred. Turn off the power, and wait for the camera body to become acclimated to the surrounding temperature and dry out before taking pictures.

Shooting with flash in dark situations results in an image with many flash reflections on dust in the air.

The inner parts of your device might have been affected by the presence of liquid, in which case you will need to replace the LCD screen.

Photos are coming out dark. Camera flash isn’t working.

An object might be in the way of your subject and the camera. When holding the camera, make sure you do not cover the flash with your fingers.

Check the flash is activated. To use the flash when shooting, press the flash button located on the right of the arrow pad. Use the arrows on the left and right of the arrow pad to select a flash mode and press OK.

No picture is taken when the shutter button is pressed.

The camera automatically goes into sleep mode and the monitor powers off if there is no operation for 3 minutes. No picture can be taken if the shutter button is pressed while the camera is on sleep mode. To restore camera, operate the zoom lever or other buttons.

Food, liquid or debris might have blocked the shutter button. Clean the camera buttons before proceeding to take a picture.

Press the ON/OFF button to power the camera back on after 5 minutes of inactivity.


My Olympus TG-3 recently started making a clicking noise when powered on. It seems to come from the speaker, but I could be mistaken. The clicking starts slow and slowly gains speed. At first 1 click every 5 seconds, building up to about 6 clicks every second. It's causing the camera to warm up quickly, with the temperature warning appearing after about a minute of clicking. Everything else still works fine. Any ideas?

Timothy Crowley - Reply

I have the same clicking noise on my TG-4. From what I hear, it’s the AF and there’s nothing that can be done about it. What I don’t understand is that it has worked for years without that noise, and now, the video part of the camera has useless audio.

Marcus Thompson - Reply

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