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Student-Contributed Wiki

Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Oculus Rift HM - A Troubleshooting

Paired with Oculus Sensor 3P - A and Oculus Remote RE - A

The Audio System is Unresponsive

The Sound from Oculus Rift Audio System is Lacking or Distorted.

The rift headphones are not selected as device audio output

Open the Oculus Rift application on the device. Under the devices tab, seen on left side of page, locate heading “VR Audio Output.” In the dropdown menu underneath the heading, make sure “Rift headphones” are selected.

The Audio Levels are Turned Off on Computer

Confirm that computer volume is not muted or off. This generally involves selecting the speaker icon and increasing the levels. Each device typically has a varied way of doing this, to find out how to alter your device’s audio levels try google searching “device _name volume adjustment.”

The Headphones are Broken

If the hardware is broken or destroyed, the piece may need to be replaced. Follow this guide to replace the headphones on your Oculus Rift HM-A.

The Remote is Unresponsive or Not Connecting

The device is on, but the remote is either not responding or only periodically responding.

The Remote Battery is Low or Dead

If the remote is not responding, you may need to change the batteries. Follow this guide on how to access and change the batteries on your device.

The Remote Needs To Be Reconnected to the Sensor

Open the Oculus application and make sure the Oculus headset and sensor are connected. Click on “Devices” on the left then “Configure Rift” on the right and select “Pair remote” from the drop down. Follow the rest of the steps given in the application.

The Buttons are Dirty/Stuck

Buttons need to be cleaned out, adjusted, or replaced. Follow this guide on how to access and clean the buttons.

The Facial Interface is Uncomfortable/Damaged

The foam comfort ring or lycra mesh is torn or worn out.

The Foam Comfort Ring is Formed Improperly

If the front-most component of the facial interface is damaged and needs to be replaced, follow this replacement guide, steps x - y.

The Lycra Mesh is Torn

If the fabric of the facial interface is torn or damaged, the best option is replacing the piece. Follow this guide, steps x - y, to replace the facial interface on your Oculus Rift HM-A.

The Rift Straps Do Not Support Device on the Head

The device does not fit comfortably on a head or will not be fixed in a position where someone can use it.

The Head Strap Must Be Adjusted

The adjustable velcro on the straps allows for head size variety. In order to adjust the size, undo velcro and pull velcro to the desired length before securing the velcro again. For tighter straps, pull the velcro out. For looser straps, pull in.

The Visuals are Distorted

The visuals from the display seem distorted, blurred, or off centered.

The Lense Separation Must Be Adjusted

Put the headset on and play some sort of visual or video as a reference for clarity. Slide the switch on the bottom of the headset back and forth until the reference appears clear.

The Lenses Need To Be Cleaned

Use a dry microfiber cloth and wipe the lenses off in a circular pattern starting at the center and extending out to the edges.

The Lenses are Cracked

The lenses must be replaced. Follow this guide on how to remove and replace the lenses.

The Screen is Damaged

If the screen is damaged, visuals may not function as intended. To replace the screen on your Oculus Rift HM - A, follow this guide.


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