Nook is Frozen or Won't Turn On ¶ 

The screen is frozen or won't turn on and no actions can be made.

Battery is Completely Drained ¶ 

Plug the nook into the AC adapter for at least two hours to restore battery life

Battery is Not Properly Installed ¶ 

Remove the battery and reinstall it. This can be done by removing the back unscrewing the battery removing it and then putting it back together.

Additional Memory is Not Placed Properly ¶ 

If you have added an additional memory card and the contacts are not correctly lined up this may have caused the nook to freeze.

Black Lines on Nook Screen ¶ 

Black lines or spots on nook display.

Restart the Nook ¶ 

Try turning it off, waiting 30 seconds and turning the nook on again.

Bad Display ¶ 

Display is defective and needs to be replaced.

Nook Doesn't Hold Charge ¶ 

Battery only works when device is plugged in or holds charge for only a short period of time.

Drained/ Bad Battery ¶ 

Purchase a replacement battery.

Broken AC Adapter ¶ 

AC adapter is bent, ripped, or worn out and no longer charges the device.

Replace the AC Adapter ¶ 

The nook uses a micro USB cord so it can be easily replaced with any micro USB power cable.

Broken or Shattered Screen ¶ 

nook was dropped or damaged somehow causing either a cracked or shattered screen

Replace the Screen ¶ 

See our guide on how to replace the screen.

Unresponsive Buttons or Jammed Buttons ¶ 

Expected action is not performed when a button (power, "n" button, or volume buttons) are pressed, or buttons have become jammed in and not functional.

Soft Reset the Device ¶ 

To fix unresponsive buttons, soft reset the device. To soft-reset the device hold the power and "n" buttons together for 10 seconds, then to turn the device back on hold the power button for 5 seconds (as opposed to the usual 2 seconds).

Fix a Jammed Button ¶ 

See the guide on how to fix the button, the device will have to be taken apart and the button realigned.


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My Nook won't charge, and says it has 10% power or less at all times. It discharges even when plugged in, and then shuts down.

Linda - Reply

Hi Linda,

The problem you describe indicates you may have a bad battery. Please check instructions in this forum or online search for replacing the Nook HD /HD+ battery.

Good Luck!

Art -

ive had my nook just over month and i have had a lot of trouble with it a lot of the time when im trying to do a task it will cut out even when i was trying to get surport it cut out and i am sending this from my laptop

sally young - Reply

Hi Sally,

If your Nook HD/HD+ simply cuts off then you may have a bad battery and may have to replace it. There are instructions here in this forum and YouTube on doing a battery replacement.

Art -

im not happy with my nook it will not let do any google tasks or play a game with out cutting out

sally young - Reply

How do I fix my Nook HD +?

after restarting it would only load till 99% and its stuck there.


Lindy Rosalie Caberio - Reply

Mine is stuck on 99% also..please help

swellman655 -

mine too. what the !&&* barnes and nobles?

Erik -

Hi Lindy, Swellman & Erik,

Please see my reply below to Cheryl for information on how to restore your Nook HD/HD+. Based on your postings it appears your devices are experiencing boot loop.

Art -

My nook won't turn on. While on charge it always shows a red light, even if charged for days.

Davinder - Reply

Hi Davinder,

If your Nook HD is still showing red on recharge this indicates a possible battery problem. There are excellent videos on YouTube on removing and replacing your Nook HD /HD+ battery. Hope this helps. Good Luck

Art -

Mine is stuck at 99% too. Tried the soft reset and still nothing. Not sure what else to try.

Cheryl - Reply

Mind is also doing this have you had any luck fixing the problem sine nov

Tami -

Mine is stuck on 99% also does anyone have an answer on how to fix?

mhouk - Reply

Cheryl, Tami and Mhouk,

The issue all of you seem to have is your Nooks may be in boot loop. This means the start up software has failed at some stage of the boot up process. Your options should be a soft reset first. If soft reset of your Nook HD / HD+ doesn't work you will have to do a complete factory rest which will restore your Nook back to the factory setting.

If the factory reset doesn't work there is another option to restore your Nook HD /HD+ involving reinstall of the Nook HD/HD+ operating system.

Art -

My nook wont charge i bought a new charger for it all it does is flash red please help me. I dont see any screws on it

annie blair - Reply

Hi Annie,

Sorry about your Nook having charging issues. Based on your brief description below are some things to attempt to get your Nook HD to charge normally;

1) Plug it into the wall charger, and leave it overnight. Forget about the button.

2) Plug it into a PC via USb and leave for 4-5 hrs.

3) Press and hold power button for 5 seconds (After the above two steps).

4) Press and hold power button for 30 seconds.

5) Press and hold power button and the physical 'n' button for 30 seconds.

If the above steps don't restore your Nook to normal charging ( green light turning to orange (Charging) to green (fully charged), please provide more details on what issues or problems you had JUST PRIOR to your Nook not charging. In particular, is the new charger you purchased an ORIGINAL Nook accessory?

Good Luck!!

Art -

When doing a reset what is the'n' button and where is it? I'm on vacation and don' have my booklet.

homer7 - Reply

hi my nook was dead I put it on the charger first it had a green light, now its turned to orange and wont turn on. what should I do?

taje'ana - Reply

Hi everyone. my Nook Hd+ is dead, won't power up and I don't have a charger for now.

is it possible to charge it with an Apple Ipad charger?

Mayowa - Reply

Yesterday, my battery was charged 100%, today it says it can't start because the battery is too low. I haven't used it since it was 100%. I tried restarting it, but it won't shut off.

dianalits - Reply

If you hold the power button & the U button on the bottom, push them both at the same time, it will power down. I've had to do this with mine quite a few times now. It will freeze and can't do anything with it. I think for the money, it should work a lot better then it does. Thinking of getting a Kindle.

smiliey -

i am asking about replacement screen, when reinstalling screen there is no groove in the glass what do I do about this

butchstormy - Reply

My nook has a line halfway down one side and completely across the middle. Can it be repaired?

malou142 - Reply

Mine has that too and I can not turn it on. There are white vertical lines on the left side and across the middle horizpntally.

sophia3mcdonnell - Reply

My nook will not power on at all. When I plug it in I can see the charging light flash for a second turn orange and the off. I have tried holding multiple combinations of buttons but nothing has worked. My computer keeps saying it doesn't recognize the device too. Any suggestions? Maybe a new battery?

jazzmatazz46 - Reply

My nook will not turn on. I've charged completely (the light turns green) and tried many ways go do a soft reset etc but it doesn't turn on. Please Advise

Shelly Wragge - Reply

Mid update my nook continually shuts down and won't finish. However it won't let me do anything to change settings or use. Just resets over and over.

Rebecca Leonard - Reply

My nook will kick me out of a game and go to main to start over and over

wh1058 - Reply


I am having problems trying to get onto the shop, everytime i go to browse its says-

Sorry. a problem has accurred. please try again.

please can you help as i would like to purchase more books but cannot.

thank you rachel

Lee Savage - Reply

hi can anyone help im trying to go on to the nook shop via my nook but it wont load up it just says a problem has occurred , please try again can anyone help me please

lisamason8910 - Reply


I've had my Nook for close to 3 yrs and haven't had any problems until just recently. After it's fully charged, I turn it on. It goes up to 99% and then goes black. I tried holding the left-side button with the bottom-Nook button. A small black sign appeared "Factory Reset" which lasts about 1 second. How do I do "Factory Reset"? Look forward to reading your answer. Thanks, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Lopez - Reply


I've had my Nook for close to 3 yrs and haven't had any problems until just recently. After it's fully charged, I turn it on. It goes up to 99% and then goes black. I tried holding the left-side button with the bottom-Nook button. A small black sign appeared "Factory Reset" which lasts about 1 second. How do I do "Factory Reset"? Look forward to reading your answer. Thanks, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Lopez - Reply

My old nook factory resetted itself, then it would not go throuygh the wifi set up, i had $100+ worth of books, now i cannot acess any of them help


My Nook Tablet is not charging, even though it is plugged in. I keep getting the "Battery is too low to power on, connect to power source." Message. It has been plugged in to my usual charger, its actually pretty new. Any way to fix this?

MieshMan - Reply

It turns on but pop ups stating the "unfortunately home page, twitter, Google play services and many others have stopped." I don't know what to do. Help?

Nicol Bair - Reply

Mine too. Tried soft reset. Why is this happening?

lesev63 -

If I do a factory reset do I lose all my downloaded books?

June Garrison - Reply