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Nook Color Troubleshooting

The Nook Color BNRV200 is a tablet that makes it convenient to store books, magazines, and newspaper. It also features a full-color screen.

No matter where you touch the screen the device does not respond or it responds without you touching it.

Using the device for long periods of time could cause the device to freeze and not respond to simple commands. The device needs to be restarted. Hold power button on the top left of device to switch off.

Sometimes bumping the device or dropping it may shift parts inside the device and cause the screen to not respond. Realigning the screen can correct this issue. Following the steps in the Display Replacement Guide can provide a quick solution to this problem.

It is possible that having a screen that is smudged could be causing this issue since there is interference between the screen and the user. Cleaning the screen and maintaining it can be the solution.

The microSD card is not working properly and interfering with the performance of the device.

There are applications that can be downloaded to help with this issue. Re-calibrating the display can improve the performance of the device and improve the commands the user wants to execute.

Sometimes the battery may not be working correctly and be causing delay responses or no responses at all from the device. Charging the device can improve performance.

The device is on for a short time and experiences drastic battery drainage.

Battery may be damaged or old and needs replacement, in which case the Battery Replacement Guide can be used.

In some cases, the device itself is not the problem and the charger needs to be replaced. Replacing the charger can correct battery drainage problem.

Make sure charger is working and connected correctly to device to ensure proper charging.

Battery may be damaged or old and needs replacement. Make sure that the battery if fully charged.

A damaged or shattered screen can result in a number of problems such as a non-responsive screen, or action from device without a touch.

The device screen may be beyond repair and can result in injury from the broken glass. It is recommended to replace the screen. The Display Replacement Guide offers information on how to change the screen.

When trying to use the speakers there is faint sound, or no sound emitted from the speakers.

The buttons may be damaged or stuck and need replacing, forcing the device to play faint or no noise. The Button Replacement Guide can be helpful in fixing this problem.

The speaker may be damaged and the only solution for expected sound quality would be to replace the speakers using the Speaker Replacement Guide

You try to use the volume, power or home buttons but they do not respond or become stuck.

Over time, buttons may be overused and need replacing.

The buttons may not have a great connection to the device and need to be readjusted.


my nook color will not turn on, when I try turning it on I will see a fast white flash on the screen but It will not turn on, nothing works in it. Could this be a bad battery?

ogie666 - Reply

My nookcolor gets stuck in a page loop when reading certain books. It’s like a 5 page loop that it won’t pass. Any ideas?

Sue Cabot - Reply

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