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Nintendo 3DS 2015 Troubleshooting

The Nintendo 3DS 2015 is an upgrade from the original 3DS released October 11, 2014 in Japan. The device was brought to North America on September 25, 2015, but it was scarcely available. Initially, it was only available through the "Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer" bundle. The device features several improvements over the original 3DS, such as the addition of the C-Stick, improved 3D capabilities, and slightly more powerful innards.

If the 3DS is not turning on, some parts may need to be looked at.

If charging the device does not allow the console to turn on, the battery may be malfunctioning or dead. Consider replacing the battery with the Nintendo 3DS 2015 Battery Replacement.

It is possible that the power button is malfunctioning and causing the device to not turn on. Consider replacing the power button.

If the games are not loading, the issue could be with the 3DS or the games themselves.

A 3DS game purchased from one region will not be compatible with a 3DS from another region. Check that both the game and 3DS were purchased in the same region.

The game slot or game card may be clogged with debris; hindering the game from loading. Remove the game card, clean any debris in game slot or game card, and re-insert the game card.

Check to ensure the metal pins inside the 3DS game slot are in good condition. If any metal pins are broken, bent, or missing, the game will not load. To fix bent pins, use a metal pick to raise or lower the pins until they are at a uniform height.

If none of the above solutions work, you may need to replace the logic board. See the Nintendo 3DS 2015 Logic Board Replacement guide.

If the C-Stick does not respond to input, it may need to be fixed.

It is possible the game you are playing does not have support for the C-Stick. Ensure that the game you are playing supports the C-Stick.

The internal components of the C-Stick may be broken. In this case, the C-Stick will need to be replaced. To replace the C-Stick, see the Nintendo 3DS 2015 C-Stick Replacement guide.

Poor sound quality or no sound at all? Sounds like a speaker issue.

Ensure that the volume on the 3DS is turned up, the headphones are not plugged in, and the game in the device is supposed to make sound.

Make sure that there is no debris in the speaker holes. Debris will muffle sounds from the 3DS.

If the touch screen is not working, it may need to be fixed.

Poor calibration can cause the touchscreen to appear unresponsive. Using the buttons, navigate to calibration under settings and follow the onscreen instructions to calibrate your touchscreen properly.

If certain buttons are being held down, it can make the touchscreen seem unresponsive. Check for stuck buttons and clean any that appear to be stuck or sticky.

Debris stuck in certain areas on the touchscreen can cause the touchscreen to malfunction. Clean any debris off of the touchscreen. If the device has a dirty screen protector, remove that protector and replace it with a new one. Check the edges of the touchscreen and brush away any debris stuck between the touchscreen and the lip around the touchscreen.

It is possible that the touchscreen is defective. Replace the touchscreen using the Nintendo 3DS 2015 Touchscreen Replacement guide.


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