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Ninja Professional BL610 Troubleshooting

Blender is powered on but will not respond

For safety reasons the blade stack of the Ninja Professional BL610 will not rotate unless lid is properly secured. First, before placing the lid, check the bottom of the blade stack opening for any food objects stuck inside. These objects may stop the stack from being fully placed onto the pitcher base and cause the lid to not secure properly. Second, the lid handle must be pressed down and a click must be heard in order for the blender to function. Be sure to align arrows present on the corners of the lid and pitcher.

In order for motor to turn on, the pitcher must be secured to the blender base. Quickly check the blender base and pitcher bottom for any food objects that may be stopping the pitcher from securing all the way. Place the pitcher sides parallel to the lines of the blender base and rotate clockwise until a click is heard.

Lid will not secure to pitcher

High impacts to a raised lid handle from transportation or high falls can cause the locking mechanisms between the sides of the pitcher lid and the lid handle to snap and no longer secure to pitcher. Try aligning arrows on lid and pitcher and slowly press down on the handle. If a clicking sound is not heard as the handle is fully pressed down then the lid will need to be replaced as a plastic mechanism has broken.

High impacts from transportation or high falls can also result in cracks of the upper rim of the pitcher. This can cause the locking mechanisms of the lid to no longer secure to the correct sections of the pitcher. Quickly inspect the sides of the rim where the lid locks in place. If the plastic in those areas no longer secure to the lid catches, then the pitcher will need to be replaced.

Liquid leaks from blender at anytime during use

Due to wear, small cracks in pitcher may form. This can result in liquid leaking out of the pitcher. Inspect pitcher for any visible cracks and try slowly filling the pitcher with water to detect leaks.

Also due to wear, rubber seals may no longer seal the top or bottom of the pitcher properly. Check seals on bottom of lid and pour spout for damages.

When buttons are pressed, blade stack will not rotate

Sometimes during or after thunderstorms or severe weather events can cause the power cord of the blender or the outlet it is plugged into to stop functioning properly. First check to make sure the outlet is functioning properly. This can be done by plugging in another kitchen appliance and seeing whether or not it powers on. Second try plugging the blender into another properly working outlet. If blender still remains without power inspect power cord for any tears, exposed wires, or scorch marks that indicate a faulty power cord. A faulty power cord replacement guide can be found in the link below.

(Insert link for power cord here)

The Ninja Professional BL610 blender has a number of safety features built into the device that stop the blender blades from spinning if the pitcher lid is not properly placed onto the pitcher. Make sure that the arrows of the lid and the arrows on the pitcher are aligned and the lid handle presses down with a click.

Exceeding the capacity of food within the blender pitcher can jam the blade stack. Try blending each ingredient one at a time and taking care to not exceed the measurement markers on the side of the blender pitcher.


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