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Student-Contributed Wiki

An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. It is not managed by iFixit staff.

Motor Doesn't Start or Blade Assembly Doesn't Rotate ¶ 

The mixer turns on but it will not run or spin the blades

Container and/or Lid is out of place ¶ 

  • Make sure the container is securely locked on the motor base.
  • Make sure the lid is securely on the container in the correct position. It will be in the correct position if the arrows are aligned on both the base and the container.

Device is powered "Off" ¶ 

  • The appliance is turned “Off”. Press the power button to turn “On”.
  • Check that the plug is securely inserted into the electrical outlet.
  • It is possible that the the circuit or fuse has overloaded from multiple appliances, so check that it has not blown and needs replacing.

Device is Overloaded ¶ 

  • The unit has overheated or overloaded. Unplug and wait approximately 15
  • minutes before using again.
  • Check to make sure the unit is not overloaded with too many ingredients. If you feel it has too much, remove a little and try again. Be sure to gradually add ingredients in while mixing.

Power Light is Blinking ¶ 

The device is on but the power button continues to blink

Device is not Assembled Correctly ¶ 

  • Make sure the pitcher/bowl lid is assembled properly aligning the arrow on the lid with the arrow on the handle.
  • Press down firmly on the handle until you hear a slight click to ensure it is fully engaged. The Ninja® Mega Kitchen System® will not run if the lid is not assembled correctly & is handle not fully engaged.
  • If using the Nutri Ninja® cup, make sure the blade is screwed on tightly to the cup. Align the tabs on the cup with the tabs on the motor base.
  • Turn the cup firmly to lock in place; you will hear a slight click. When the cup is assembled correctly the single-serve button will illuminate.

If you are still experiencing difficulties remove the cup from the base & turn the cup to change the tab orientation.

Kitchen System Won't Crush Ice ¶ 

Ice will not crush no matter what setting

Ice is not fully frozen ¶ 

  • You must use the Nutri Ninja® cup or 72 oz. pitcher for this task. Be sure you have not used partially melted ice.
  • The blade may also be dull from use. Check to see if the blade needs replacing.

Food is Unevenly Chopped ¶ 

The food is coming out chunky

Too much food has been added ¶ 

  • Either you are chopping too much food at one time, or the pieces are not of even size and processing smaller amounts per batch.

Mixture Collects on Lid or Sides of Container ¶ 

Smoothies and similar mixtures are sticking to the lid and sides

  • The mixture is too thick. Add more liquid

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