Ninja Coffee Bar CF086 Troubleshooting

Diagnose problems with the Ninja Coffee Bar CF086 using this troubleshooting page.

Brew Will Not Start ¶ 

Your coffee maker does not initiate a brew.

Faulty Power Supply ¶ 

Check to make sure the display is illuminated. If there are no lights on the coffee-maker, it has no power. Press the Power button, and if that doesn't work, try a different outlet. Otherwise, try replacing the power cord.

Empty Water Reservoir ¶ 

Refill the water reservoir, and reselect your brew size and type to restart the brew cycle.

Closed Drip Stop ¶ 

Check to make sure the drip stop is open. If the machine beeps five times, either the Drop Stop is closed or the water reservoir holds insufficient water.

Misaligned Brew Basket ¶ 

Remove the brew basket and reinsert it by aligning it with the rails, then slide it into the brewer until it clicks into place.

Cleaning Needed ¶ 

If all else fails, run the Clean Cycle.

Brew Basket Dripping After Brew ¶ 

Your coffee maker drips after use.

Open Drip Stop ¶ 

Once the brew cycle is complete, move the drip stop to the closed position (denoted by the image of a water droplet with a slash through it) before removing your brewing vessel.

Overflowed Cup, Travel Mug, or Carafe ¶ 

Brew basket is overflowing and water and grounds are coming out the sides.

Incorrectly-Sized Cup ¶ 

Make sure cup or carafe is the right size.

Cup: 9.5 oz

Travel mug: 14 oz

Half carafe: 19 oz

Full carafe: 38 oz

If you need to install a replacement carafe lid, refer to this guide.

Cleaning Needed ¶ 

If spilling persists despite correct vessel size, then perform a Clean Cycle, using coffee-maker descaling solution.

Water Reservoir is Leaking ¶ 

Your machine is leaking coffee or water from the brew basket.

This May Not Be a Problem ¶ 

If water drips from the reservoir when it is removed, this is normal, don’t worry. Simply use a dry cloth to wipe away the water droplets from the machine after it has cooled.

Faulty Tube Connectors ¶ 

If the coffee maker is leaking coffee or sputtering, inspect the tube connectors for leaks. If you find the leak is in an elbow, clean the surfaces before you replace it. If the tube connector leaks, replace both the tube and the elbow so that you can be sure the pieces will both fit together properly.

Overfilled Water Reservoir ¶ 

Fill the water up to, but not exceeding, the Max Fill line. If necessary, replace the water reservoir lid.

Sediment in Coffee ¶ 

Unwanted sediment appears at the bottom of your brewed coffee.

Finely Ground Coffee in Permanent Filter ¶ 

To reduce the amount of sediment in your coffee, try using a slightly coarser grind or a paper filter.

Excess Grounds in Brew Basket ¶ 

If you’re still finding sediment in your coffee, make sure the brew basket did not overflow. If there are too many grounds in the brew basket, the grounds will flow into an overflow channel designed to make sure overflow is captured in the brew vessel.


Opened brew basket to fill with coffee, now it is stuck in the open position.

REGINA PRIZNAR Michael - Reply

Maker will not make a full pot. Runs for about 20 seconds and shuts off. It doesn’t appear to be clogged up. You can keep hitting the button every time it goes off and eventually the pot will be made. Tried unplugging to reset and that didn’t work. Maker is about 6 months old.

Laura Woolam - Reply

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