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Ninja Coffee Bar CF086 Troubleshooting

Diagnose problems with the Ninja Coffee Bar CF086 using this troubleshooting page.

Brew Will Not Start ¶ 

Your coffee maker does not initiate a brew.

Faulty Power Supply ¶ 

Check to make sure the display is illuminated. If there are no lights on the coffee-maker, it has no power. Press the Power button, and if that doesn't work, try a different outlet. Otherwise, try replacing the power cord.

Empty Water Reservoir ¶ 

Refill the water reservoir, and reselect your brew size and type to restart the brew cycle.

Closed Drip Stop ¶ 

Check to make sure the drip stop is open. If the machine beeps five times, either the Drop Stop is closed or the water reservoir holds insufficient water.

Misaligned Brew Basket ¶ 

Remove the brew basket and reinsert it by aligning it with the rails, then slide it into the brewer until it clicks into place.

Cleaning Needed ¶ 

If all else fails, run the Clean Cycle.

Brew Basket Dripping After Brew ¶ 

Your coffee maker drips after use.

Open Drip Stop ¶ 

Once the brew cycle is complete, move the drip stop to the closed position (denoted by the image of a water droplet with a slash through it) before removing your brewing vessel.

Overflowed Cup, Travel Mug, or Carafe ¶ 

Brew basket is overflowing and water and grounds are coming out the sides.

Incorrectly-Sized Cup ¶ 

Make sure cup or carafe is the right size.

Cup: 9.5 oz

Travel mug: 14 oz

Half carafe: 19 oz

Full carafe: 38 oz

If you need to install a replacement carafe lid, refer to this guide.

Cleaning Needed ¶ 

If spilling persists despite correct vessel size, then perform a Clean Cycle, using coffee-maker descaling solution.

Water Reservoir is Leaking ¶ 

Your machine is leaking coffee or water from the brew basket.

This May Not Be a Problem ¶ 

If water drips from the reservoir when it is removed, this is normal, don’t worry. Simply use a dry cloth to wipe away the water droplets from the machine after it has cooled.

Faulty Tube Connectors ¶ 

If the coffee maker is leaking coffee or sputtering, inspect the tube connectors for leaks. If you find the leak is in an elbow, clean the surfaces before you replace it. If the tube connector leaks, replace both the tube and the elbow so that you can be sure the pieces will both fit together properly.

Overfilled Water Reservoir ¶ 

Fill the water up to, but not exceeding, the Max Fill line. If necessary, replace the water reservoir lid.

Sediment in Coffee ¶ 

Unwanted sediment appears at the bottom of your brewed coffee.

Finely Ground Coffee in Permanent Filter ¶ 

To reduce the amount of sediment in your coffee, try using a slightly coarser grind or a paper filter.

Excess Grounds in Brew Basket ¶ 

If you’re still finding sediment in your coffee, make sure the brew basket did not overflow. If there are too many grounds in the brew basket, the grounds will flow into an overflow channel designed to make sure overflow is captured in the brew vessel.


Opened brew basket to fill with coffee, now it is stuck in the open position.

REGINA PRIZNAR Michael - Reply

Mine is brand new and won't close either.


Mine won't close either and is brand new.


Maker will not make a full pot. Runs for about 20 seconds and shuts off. It doesn’t appear to be clogged up. You can keep hitting the button every time it goes off and eventually the pot will be made. Tried unplugging to reset and that didn’t work. Maker is about 6 months old.

Laura Woolam - Reply

Did you get and answer to your question. Mine is doing the same thing.

Rosemary Morgan -

Did you get an answer to your question? Mine is doing the same thing

Rosemary Morgan -

This happened to me this morning. Brewed for 10 seconds, then beeped and shut off. Couldn’t find a solution online and since I’ve always been one to push any button just to see what it does, I decided to brainstorm. This is what I’ve come up with and it is working well for me.

Inside the water reservoir, at the bottom, is a small plastic bubble that feeds the air/water exchange, so as to avoid vapor lock. On the top of that bubble is a very small, thin flap. I noted that this flap was not readily flapping to allow water to flow from the reservoir to the coffee maker. I carefully took a sharp knife and moved the flap so it is now in a half open position.

I ran 3 pots of plain water through to test my theory and it works like a charm. 2 pots of coffee later, and it’s still a success.

Cindy L -

Thanks Cindy P for your solution I now get a full coffee pot of water. I had this for almost a year and was getting ready to throw it literally away. I brew coffee for family and friends so a half of pot was really laughable.

Jennifer L -

Mine has exactly the same issue. It's not even 2 months old with us.

Paris -

Brewed coffee this morning and beeped after 5 sec without giving coffee. SUCKS. Tried descaling and Cindy P solution but didn't do any on our machine. Taking it back to the store. Good we havent given away our old dependable coffee maker.

Paris -

I’m getting about 1/2 pot as well

Lance -

I am having this problem as well. Did you resolve the issue?

rjordan4011 -

I have the same issue mine is only two months old

Pam williamson - Reply

Having same issue with mine. Drips about shoot glass worth of coffee and stops.

Anyone have any suggestions??

Stephen s moreno - Reply

Same issues here.

Drips about shoot glass size worth of coffee than stops.

Anyone have any ideas??

Stephen s moreno - Reply

Any responses to this? Mine drips like this too. Not sure how you create a “drip stop” but it still drips.

Schawn Pritchett -

I have run the cleaning cycle 3 times with vinegar and water, but still the light is on. I have previously used descaler, but the same problem occurred. There is also a long solid beep at the end of a regular coffee cycle (just since the light went on). I only use bottled water.

Linda McDonald - Reply

Brew basket keeps overflowing, even if I only run water through. I’ve cleaned the coffee pot more than once to no avail. It’s obviously not an issue with too much coffee or finely ground coffee if it continues to overflow with no coffee in the filter. I haven’t even had it 6 months!

KatRuthNov26 - Reply

Brew basket keeps overflowing, even with no coffee in the filter. Have cleaned the machine multiple times, both with vinegar and water and a rescaled, to no avail. Too much coffee or too finely ground coffee obviously isn’t the issue since it overflows without coffee added. I only use bottled water, so that isn’t the problem, either. Haven’t had the machine 6 months and can’t get a single cup of coffee!

KatRuthNov26 - Reply

Thanks Cindy P for your solution on December 3rd. Moving the thin plastic flap over finally gave me a full coffee pot of water. I’ve had this for about a year and was getting ready to get rid of it. Have not used it in a long time just got tired of inviting family and friends for coffee and got only an half a pot of water. It was collecting dust. Thought I tried researching and finally came across your solution. Ninja customer service service had no solutions. Again, thanks.

Jennifer L - Reply

Got this 2 days ago, did the clean cycle x 2 before use, but it only went 1/2 carafe both times, even when the setting was full. I thought maybe that was normal for clean. But first full pot I brewed kept stopping after a couple of minutes and I had to keep pushing the button to restart. I came to this forum, and noticed the frequent advice to clean again. I did a total of 3 cycles, brewed normally, a complete carafe as expected. I highly suggest doing this often, doesn't hurt it any, and cleans your coffee maker, I love the coffee from this Ninja, by the way!!

Nancy Hubler - Reply

I just got this coffee maker for Christmas, and I can brew a pot of coffee no problem, but when it comes to the travel mug or cup option, I get a few drops and then it stops! I have to hit the brew button twice every single time. I’ve tried everything including pressing on the little plastic bubble but nothing seems to fix it, i’m ready to throw it in the trash!! Anyone have a suggestion to fix this? Thanks!


Brittany - Reply

Never finished dripping what’s in the basket. Have to swirl around the grinds to get rest of coffee out. Help!

Cheryl - Reply

I’ve had the same problem with it working for about 30 seconds then beeping and stopping. This is my second Ninja Coffee Bar; the 1st one did the same thing, both after about 6mo of use. We clean it regularly, we’ve used descaling solution and vinegar and water. Frankly, I think there is something wrong with these machines. I like the look of them and the coffee they make, but I’m tired of all the maintenance and them not working after 6ish months. I’m getting a different machine. Now that I see other people have the same problem, I’m even more convinced they are junk.

Hanna Martin-McArron - Reply

Ours is short of 2 months old and is doing exactly.the samr as yours. This has a design flaw that they haven’t fix that's why the price went down. Am returning mine.

Paris -


I have had my ninja coffee maker for almost 2 years now. I started having problems about 2 months ago with it needed to be cleaned every few days! We have well water so thought that was the problem…my husband bought Third Wave Water mineral supplement & we added that to a gallon of distilled water. We use that exclusively for the coffee. Works great…no cleaning light coming on every few days…and the coffee tastes better!

Now, however, just noticed this week that when I set the coffee for the travel size it seems to take forever to brew and it is not filling up to the amount it used to. I looked in the basket , but don’t see a plastic flap as Cindy stated.

Is anyone else having this problem? I like this machine because of the ease of making just one cup, or a full pot when the whole family is over!

Thanks for any help!


Nancy Hoover - Reply

My CF091 series brews too large a portion size ie: the 10oz cup overflows my 12 oz mug. I've ran 2 full cleaning cycles (it wasn't time to clean) and it still overflowing. Suggestions?

Susie - Reply

I've started having the same problem. I'm interested in the solution!

Anna H -

Just heard from the Ninja website customer service and troubleshooting the issue of the unit stopping after 20-30 sec etc…. The tech said to remove the reservoir and depress both the spring on the water container, and depress the area in which the water drains (on the coffee unit itself), holding each a few seconds. This removes any trapped air in the internal line. (Other troubleshooting included, cleaning, adjusting reservoir, adjusting basket, etc., but this air bubble issue actually worked). Hope this helps.

Kelly - Reply

Thanks Kelly- I tried this and my Ninja started working normally again. I’ve brewed 10 straight pots after using this tip without issue. This seemed to happen when I took the reservoir out to clean it and placed it back in the slot empty… so it makes sense that this whole problem has to do with the design flaw that can trap air in the water line and make the Ninja quit. I think it brews the water already in the pre-heat section, but then when it goes to pull in more water it detects air and quits- which is what everyone has been experiencing. Hopefully this is just a simple trick to keep me from going crazy.

prpltry -

Thank you! You saved my day. I really needed a coffee

emma_nappi -

Thanks Kelly !

Same problem with machine shutting off in just a few seconds. By just pushing on the reservoir button and the button the reservoir sits on ,I now have made a full pot of coffee. Crisis averted.

snhdec1 -

Machine shuts off after about 30 seconds

Jennifer Cattnach - Reply

We had our Ninja coffee bar 3 days. It worked fine for three days but then when put on half carafe brew it would only brew for a few minutes and then stop. I have to restart it (press classic brew “on” again) to get it to finish the brew. Based on numerous other similar comments it seems like this is a product defect which needs to be addressed by Ninja.

Anthony Stavale - Reply

Good thought but this didn’t work for me. Still shuts off every 30 seconds very aggravating..

Kristy Palmer - Reply

I just got my Ninja coffee bar for a gift a week an a half ago and it is already stopping the brewing for the travel mug. It has made less coffee each day. I have to run it 3 times to get it to make a full travel mug. This is ridiculous and annoying. It was amazing until the last few days. I use this machine to save time and it’s taking me more time because it is not working properly. Help!

Kelly Rose - Reply

Make sure the only button your pressing once you do all of thee above is the classic brew button, first if you have run the clean cycle properly then all should be fine if not, take off the water reservoir fill with water and press your finger underneath there's a spring to see if water pours out of the bottom do this over the sink, making sure there's still enough water in there to make a mug of coffee, then hold the black button on the machine that the water reservoir sits on hold for 20 seconds then clean up any water this is burping the machine replace water reservoir, place a mug on the machine turn dual to mug press classic and you should get a full mug of coffee also make sure the basket and filter are clean both come off I've had ever single one of everyone's issues and have managed to fix it also only use white vinegar to clean

Charlieeh Stephenson -

We have cleaned or Ninja the Cleaning light comes on every day we have not use vinegar though is vinegar needed to be used as that’s why it keeps coming on

Marita - Reply

The stop drip sensor is stuck in the off position. When I go to brew coffee it beeps back and says it is still closed when it is open. Help.

Joseph - Reply

I am having the same issue.. will not brew, let me clean, or anything. The drip stop is open but insists it’s closed and beeps. Have you found a solution yet?

Rich -

Ninja coffee bar is over brewing the size of the cup I select. It brews all of the water in the reservoir regardless of the size cup I pick

Mark - Reply

I am having the same issue. Did you discover a solution?

LaDonna Waters -

My Ninja has started to brew the entire reservoir, regardless of the size I choose. Any suggestions? I’m going to run a clean cycle tonight to see if that helps.

LaDonna Waters -

i have timer, power, have tried every fix on every site my issue seems to be different it just wont pass any water through at all just nothing happens. if i do clean nothing happens do get the beep after 15 mins but no water has passed and have found no fix for this at all

martin - Reply

The only way it will brew coffee is with the over ice button

Robert Eason - Reply

My coffee machine is constantly beeping, it won't do anything. Any ideas of what could be causing the issue, or how to fix it?

Chelle_423 - Reply

Mine too. I got it as a christmas gift

Nicole Simien -

Mine too. I also got mine for Christmas and it is steady beeping with the clean light on. I have tried to run the clean cycle and it will not work. I am at a loss here.

mamaofbritt -

My coffee pot brews for 5 to 10 seconds, it makes less than a shot of coffee. I have to keep pushing the button to keep brewing.

And i have sediment in my coffee.

Any suggestions will help.

What i have done with the water reservoir, is i opened up the flap. Still nothing.

john watkins - Reply

If you’re handy around the house. This worked for me!! Take apart machine from the bottom. There are 2 solid pieces that have to removed. You’ll find that where the water heater is, when you locate that take the top of it and then you will find calcium buildup. Pour white vinegar in the whole. You’ll have to stop the wholes from where the water goes into the brew basket. Let sit overnight and then run the clean cycle again 5 times and bam my coffee maker is working like a charm!!

Brittany Mccarty -

I have cleaned it time and time again. The cleaning cycle works great. Unfortunately no other button except clean works. Any suggestions? Thanks.

codywilliam002 - Reply

My coffee make will not brew a classic cup but will brew a rich cup

Andrew - Reply

This just happened to me!

Jgl19 -

This is happening to me! Can someone suggest a solution? Email me please

Maggie Harris -

Mine is doing the same thing. Was told I can purchase a new one at a reduced price plus $20 shipping. Actually bought an additional one as a gift at the same time of our original purchase. Hope it doesn’t start doing the same thing. Not sure I am going to ever use a Ninja again. Doesn’t last!

gmccl -

Mine just started doing the same thing. All of a sudden the regular brew button wouldn’t work, but all the others would. After jiggling it, unplugging it, I got it to work. Then it happened again, and none of the buttons would work except ice or rich. Jiggling/uplugging didn’t work, so I cleaned it, which worked for a few days. Now it’s happened again. Not sure I should have to clean it every few days. Just waiting for it to shut down completely.

henigefamily -

Mine stopped working yesterday at 2 years old. Can’t delay brew or regular brew. Called them and they hid behind the fact that there is only a one year warranty. Obviously someth8ng went wrong inside the chamber because I can’t even set the clock. But they washed their hands of me. Their service stinks and I’ll go back to cuisinart brewers. Shoddy customer service will keep my family and friends away for good.

Jgl19 - Reply

Thanks Cindy for brainstorming, I'll remember your trick. I was having same problem. When I attached the reservoir filled with water/vinegar solution for yet another clean (it was clean) a large air bubble came up. Works like a charm now.

christine.lee2609 - Reply

Push on button but nothing happens

darafarr - Reply

I keep running the clean cycle on this thing and the clean light never turns off. Now our coffee taste terrible, it shuts off mid cycle all the time. I hate this coffee maker

Yvonne StCyr - Reply

We havent even had it a year.

Yvonne StCyr -

I have had my Ninja coffee bar since last Black Friday. However lately the clean light keeps coming in every few days. It doesn’t matter if I run the regular clean cycle or the extended clean cycle, it still comes back on every few days. We have city water, not hard well water. Can anyone help me out on what to do? I am tired of running the 4 hour clean cycle every 3-4 days.

Navem - Reply

Mine is doing the same thing. I clean it and the clean light comes on the first brew after I’ve cleaned it! It’s so annoying!! HELP!!

amc6168 -

My Ninja started not brewing full traveller cups, and then when I tried to clean it, it would shut off after about 45 seconds. I read the advice here and it seems the issue was air caught in line. As recommended by a few posters here, I figured it out by holding down the spring mechanism at the bottom of the carafe (while filled with water) for about 8 seconds, then holding down the corresponding spring mechanism where the carafe connects to the machine. Voila! It ran a full clean cycle and I’m now getting full cups of coffee again. I hope this helps at least some of you.

Tabitha - Reply

Coffee brewing stops mid cycle? My brother’s girl was making a travel mug for work each morning and using “drip stop”… leaving water in reservoir and in filter. This causes air/water bubbles in internal hoses. To fix just dump reservoir completely and make sure that the little flapper in tank is in good shape and also press and release the spring loaded bottom valve making sure it works to full extension. Next unplug machine and only when fully cooled down turn it upside down(without the reservoir)…press the black trigger where the reservoir normally rests allowing any water caught in machine to drain into your sink. This will get rid of air bubbles in the vacuum lines. I then ran test pots and travel mugs by making sure only to fill reservoir with exact amount of water needed(reset dial from cup to pot or other…each use). Reservoir must empty! I don’t drink coffee and did this for my Mom. Best wishes and Happy Brewing!!


Mike Zibert - Reply

my Ninja takes forever to brew a cup. I have cleaned it very well and nothing. I am returning it to Bb&B and when the new model CP301 comes out I will get that one. I can’t believe how long the coffee takes to drip out of the filter even after the cycle has finished the basket still has coffee in it that has not steeped through the filter. The filter is clean and still doing the same thing.

nibrimat8 - Reply

My alarm is going off, and it won't let me do anything. I've taken all of the components apart and put them back together; everything is aligned properly and the drio stop is open. The reservoir is full and the brew basket is seated. None of the buttons work, no matter what setting I select - not even “clean.”

Barbara McCarthy - Reply

Whenever I try to make a brew of coffee, the machine will run for about 10-15 seconds, brewing coffee and then it will stop itself, failing to finish brewing any selected cup size. I wanted to see if maybe this was because the machine needed cleaning, but after trying to run a cleaning cycle, I discovered it will shut itself off within 10-15 seconds as well. By shut off, I mean that it will beep and stop filtering water as if a brew is complete. I’m not sure how to fix this.

Nicolas - Reply

The light for the drip lock will not go off, thus not allowing any coffee to be made. I tried cleaning and replacing the brew basket, and making sure the the drip lock was off. I ran out of ideas to correct the problem.

Albert Dickerson - Reply

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