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Ninja Coffee Bar CF080 Troubleshooting

Coffee Maker Would Not Turn Off ¶ 

I can not find the on/off button.

There Is No Off Button On CF080 Series ¶ 

There is no power button on the machine. By manufacturer default, it would self turn off after a couple of minutes.

The Brew Basket Is Not In Right Position ¶ 

When the brew basket comes out, how do I put it back in?

Remove and Insert Brew Basket Again ¶ 

To remove the brew basket from the brewer, pull it straight towards, and boost the brew basket at a slight angle.

To re-insert, align the brew basket with the rails in a straight line and slide it back into the brewer until it clicks into place.

Coffee Bar Is Beeping ¶ 

My coffee bar is beeping and it is not working.

Fill Reservoir Tank ¶ 

Check your reservoir tank. Your Ninja Coffee Bar needs appropriate amount of water to work.

Check Brew Basket ¶ 

Your Ninja Coffee Bar can not work if the brew basket is not inserted all the way into the brewer.

Check Drip Stop ¶ 

Your Ninja Coffee Bar can not work if the drip stop is closed.

Run Clean Cycle ¶ 

If your Ninja Coffee Bar is still beeping, it may be time to run the Clean cycle. Please refer to the "How to clean & descale your Ninja Coffee Bar" FAQ by the manufacturer.

The "CLEAN" Notification Never Turns Off ¶ 

The clean light never turns off even when you've done.

Press Clean Button Again ¶ 

Fill the reservoir with clean water and press the clean button again. It just flushes water through (does not run a whole clean cycle again) and the light goes off after the flush.

Water Reservoir Is Leaking ¶ 

My Coffee Bar is leaking after a fill the water.

Too Much Water in Reservoir Tank ¶ 

Your Ninja Coffee Bar is designed to use only a specific amount of water. So only fill the water up to, but not exceeding, the Max Fill line.


None of these things help make my pot work! It beeps after 30 secs of turning on. The reservoir leaks, and I don’t overfill it. It shuts off for no apparent reason!! Getting pretty feb up with this ninja coffee bar!!

Sharon - Reply

Mine is doing the same thing. It worked perfectly, then it cuts off after a few seconds. I tried to clean it, but it won’t stay on long enough to do anything. Any suggestions?

Terri Plyler - Reply

My Ninja does the same thing. Cuts off after a few seconds of cutting on. It won’t stay on long enough to even try to clean it. Any suggestions?

Terri Plyler - Reply

Mine does the same thing, it runs for 20/30 secs then beeps three times and cuts off

Maurice Donley - Reply

My Ninja does the same thing it runs for 30 secs and then beeps 3 times and stops. It does it in every mode including cleaning… any suggestions that I could do to fix this?

Maurice Donley - Reply

YEP SAME THING HERE TOO. I have to stand over it constantly pushing new brew every 30 seconds or so.

joseph pettijohn - Reply

Same problems. How to resolve it?

walter wang -

Can’t clean, Same problems. How to resolve it?

walter wang -

Add me to the list with this same problem (this is the new #metoo!). My coffee pot does the same behavior. Runs 20/30 seconds, beeps 3 times, then shuts off. I’ve tried cleaning, I’ve tried different size of brewing ounces, I’ve tried adjusting the basket, the reservoir, the coffee pot. Just keeps happening. Any feedback from Ninja?

Kelly - Reply

OK, hope this helps. I just heard from the Ninja website customer service and troubleshooting the issue of the unit stopping after 20-30 sec etc…. The tech said to remove the reservoir and depress both the spring on the water container, and depress the area in which the water drains (on the coffee unit itself), holding each a few seconds. This removes any trapped air in the internal line. (Other troubleshooting included, cleaning, adjusting reservoir, adjusting basket, etc., but this air bubble issue actually worked). Hope this helps.

Kelly - Reply

Wow mine does the same

Jorge -

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