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Ninja Coffee Bar CF080 Troubleshooting

Coffee Maker Would Not Turn Off ¶ 

I can not find the on/off button.

There Is No Off Button On CF080 Series ¶ 

There is no power button on the machine. By manufacturer default, it would self turn off after a couple of minutes.

The Brew Basket Is Not In Right Position ¶ 

When the brew basket comes out, how do I put it back in?

Remove and Insert Brew Basket Again ¶ 

To remove the brew basket from the brewer, pull it straight towards, and boost the brew basket at a slight angle.

To re-insert, align the brew basket with the rails in a straight line and slide it back into the brewer until it clicks into place.

Coffee Bar Is Beeping ¶ 

My coffee bar is beeping and it is not working.

Fill Reservoir Tank ¶ 

Check your reservoir tank. Your Ninja Coffee Bar needs appropriate amount of water to work.

Check Brew Basket ¶ 

Your Ninja Coffee Bar can not work if the brew basket is not inserted all the way into the brewer.

Check Drip Stop ¶ 

Your Ninja Coffee Bar can not work if the drip stop is closed.

Run Clean Cycle ¶ 

If your Ninja Coffee Bar is still beeping, it may be time to run the Clean cycle. Please refer to the "How to clean & descale your Ninja Coffee Bar" FAQ by the manufacturer.

The "CLEAN" Notification Never Turns Off ¶ 

The clean light never turns off even when you've done.

Press Clean Button Again ¶ 

Fill the reservoir with clean water and press the clean button again. It just flushes water through (does not run a whole clean cycle again) and the light goes off after the flush.

Water Reservoir Is Leaking ¶ 

My Coffee Bar is leaking after a fill the water.

Too Much Water in Reservoir Tank ¶ 

Your Ninja Coffee Bar is designed to use only a specific amount of water. So only fill the water up to, but not exceeding, the Max Fill line.


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